In Gold We Trust! What is CashGold?

By VKrum | KBC | 25 Feb 2020


What is CashGold?

and why it's important...

CashGold is a form of gold bullion similar, but different, to regular government-issued paper currency. It is the physical commodity bridge between crypto or digital assets and physical value. It offers protection against inflation with a somewhat guaranteed profit in the long term.

As opposed to other paper currency, the value remains stable compared to other currencies. The value can also be verified at any time anywhere in the world and is normally purchased by gold buyers. Gold has been the trading foundation for more than 5000 years.

Gold Savings

It contains 999.9 finest quality London Bullion Market Accredited (LBMA) gold.

Security feautures include:

  • KINEGRAM®, a proprietary, non-holographic, vector-based technology;
  • nanotext with letters that are ~75 microns (~0,075 mm) in height;
  • TRUSTSEAL design (displays different images when tilted);
  • many other watermarkings and embedded serials to prevent counterfeit.

The advantages of buying CashGold is the ability to buy gold in small quantities, making it affordable for most people and the ability to trade in many if not all countries without a bank account.

CashGold can be bought from the issuing bank at

or withdrawn from a CashGold Exchange Machine (CEM) using QR Codes generated on

CashGold Exchange Machine (CEM)





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