Do Americans buy Bitcoin with incentive coins?

Do Americans buy Bitcoin with incentive coins?

By kazandiran | Kazandiran | 22 Apr 2020

The U.S. administration paid about $ 1,200,000 in incentives to about 80 million people. Do Americans buy Bitcoin with these incentive coins?


Does it get Bitcoin with incentive coins?

The US administration provided $ 1,200 in cash to every adult individual with an annual income of under $ 75,000. It is estimated that only total cash benefits amount to $ 100 billion. Brian Amstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, hints that Americans receive cryptocurrencies with the government's incentive payments. Do U.S. citizens really buy Bitcoin with checks coming to their homes?



Sarah Newcomb, director of the behavioral sciences department of the Morningstar investment firm, analyzes where the incentive payments can be spent. According to Newcomb, it is unlikely that the money will go to the crypto markets.

Newcomb emphasizes that the spending channels of expected revenue and unexpected income will differ under normal circumstances. Expected income is generally spent on invoices, bank payments and need expenditures, while unexpected income can be spent on entertainment. However, Newcomb emphasizes that we are going through extraordinary periods, and that they will show extreme caution in spending.

According to the survey of Gallup, Americans spend their incentive payments as follows:

35%: Invoice payments

29%: Savings or investment

16%: Basic consumption materials (such as food and oil)

4%: Unnecessary consumables

3%: Donation

13%: Not waiting for payment

By referring to the survey data above, Newcomb thinks that the amount allocated to savings and investment will not be directed towards risky and speculative investment tools.

In short, Newcomb disagrees with the idea that Bitcoin is bought with incentive payments.



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