UNDERSTANDING "DODGE CHANCE" (ft. 20 misses that won me the game)

By KaylerFaye26_ | KaylerFaye26_ | 29 Apr 2022

How is it going, folks? @kaylerfaye here and I hope this blog finds you well. My last post received a lot of attention from you guys and I'm super grateful to all of you. Rest be assured I will continue to improve even further and I hope you'll continue to support my journey not only on @splinterlands but also in all other content that I'll be making here on HIVE Network. Now to reciprocate you're love & support, here's another piece of content that I fastidiously prepared for you guys. Today I'll share interesting battles featuring my scholarship accounts with NFTy Arcade. So without further ado, let's jump right in.


tenor.gif Have you ever been aggravated because your monsters' decisive blow missed, which then turn the tides on you? I know how frustrating that is. Like you, I had a lot of battles that I would've won too if those hits landed. So, in this blog, we will be talking about Dodge Chance. Understand how it is calculated, what are the factors that affect it, and when I think is the best time to gamble on your dodge chances.


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             Allow me to share this replay first to give you an idea on how missing a hit could change the flow of the game. In this battle, I would indicate the turning points which could've sealed my win. The first one was when Deeplurker missed at (R)Round 1/(T)Turn 12. Supply Runner also missed at R2/T3 against the opponent's Diemonshark which would've been a kill setup for Flying Squid at R2/T5, not even my Deeplurker managed to finish the golden alien shark for maybe some Shark Fin Soup at R2/T6. In R3/T3 my Diemonshark missed landing its Trample damage, which would've been a perfect preparation for my Deeplurker to turn my opponent's Giant Squid into a Calamari at R3/T6.



             Although my Deeplurker managed to land his poison at the later rounds & turns, it was too late to win the game. Based on my analysis, the biggest game-changer was when my Deeplurker missed at R1/T12. If he landed a hit and by 50% chance inflicted the poison, we could've sent Sea Genie back to his bottle somewhere in the Atlantis at the end of Round 2, living him no opportunity to chip away my monsters' HP.

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             Attack Accuracy on Splinterlands battles involves RNG. Like in the replay presented above, it could potentially change the flow of the match. It is because when a Melee or Ranged monster attacks, there is a chance that the attack may miss depending on the Monsters' Speed and Abilities or Rulesets that directly affect the dodge calculation. Magic attacks on the other hand are guaranteed to hit unless the target monster has the "PHASE" ability.


It is the speed difference between the dueling cards. Every speed differential point reduces attack accuracy by 10%. This only applies if the Defending monster is faster than the Attacker.


Swiftness 90px.png SWIFTNESS
Increase the speed of all friendly monsters by 1. Effects of multiple Swiftness abilities are stackable.


Slow 90px.png SLOW
Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters by 1. Effects of multiple Slow abilities are stackable. The minimum speed is 1.


Blind 90px.png BLIND
A debuff ability that causes all enemy's Melee & Ranged (including magic if Phase ability is in play) attacks to have a 15% increased chance of missing their target


Dodge 90px.png DODGE
An ability that increases the chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks by 25%.


Flying 90px.png FLYING
An ability that increased the chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from monsters who do not have the Flying ability by 50%.


Phase 90px.png PHASE
An ability that causes magic attacks to miss (using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks).


True Strike 90px.png TRUE STRIKE
Any attack types of monsters with this ability would never miss. (This ability completely negates all Dodge Chance Calculations, Blind and Flying debuffs)


Aim True 90px.png AIM TRUE
In this ruleset, attacks won't miss. Speed Differential and Abilities like Dodge, Flying, or Phase don't give any dodge chance advantage. Blind debuff is also ineffective.


B2B 90px.png BACK-TO-BASIC
Monsters lose their abilities but summoner effects such as those that give Speed buff & debuff as well as abilities (Blind, True Strike & Flying) to monsters still take effect.


R Speed 90px.png REVERSE SPEED
Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.


giphy.gif With the variables in place it is now time to learn how to compute Dodge Chance %. You might say, "oh! no, it's math... 😩" and I hope I don't get downvotes for that 😅, but trust me figuring out your dodge chance doesn't require any long equation or theorem at all. It's basic math I promise. The Formula goes like this;


(Speed Differential) * 10% = Defending Monster's Dodge Chance %

(Speed Differential * 10%) + (Ability's Dodge %) ... = Final Dodge Chance %


  • There is no negative dodge chance. Ex: A non-flying monster with 8 speed can still be dodged by a flying monster with 2 speed. The 6-speed differential can't offset the Flying abilities' Dodge Chance.
  • Only the Dodge Chance % provided by unique abilities can stack. Ex: A Flying monster buffed by the Summoner Brighton Bloom's Flying only gets 25% Dodge Chance from both Flying Abilities. But a monster with Dodge Ability gets 50% Dodge Chance when buffed by Brighton Bloom's Flying.

             I'll show you an example for you to better understand the 2 formula above. In the first illustration we will find the value of your Ex cough... cough... I mean value of the 'Defending Monster's Dodge chance.

23wqiZ34Hkb7SXoxtcz368oFNFZwdUuYtqLrkUKmjsYZoWpBcGSjNhX52Scjb6MJk2qa5.jpg 23wzvdnVXtnEjcUSMJonsZGbHMDpoz4sJJbZWwJ5qEuPdFmuBb6Xjg3Fj9mDSRdpV6JqB.jpg

             A 1 Speed Grum is attacking a 5 Speed Oshannus. The Speed Differential between them is "4".


(Speed Differential) * 10% = Defending Monster's Dodge Chance %

4 * 10% = 40%

Therefore, there's a 40% chance that Oshannus will evade Grum's attack.

             The second illustration will now include the abilities mentioned above. This time a 4 Speed Diemonshark is attacking a 6 Speed Phantom of the Abyss that has both Flying & Dodge ability. Their Speed Differential is "2".

23u5bko3X1ZXMwF6Zd1eX9RdoWsQMv1YJRpmS7krvRzzrfaXvoFhZFwMijmwFG3C7bZQZ.jpg 23wBe8pBNKt5cqXoXhwhZuEuwydiJaNxmUrhv9ezLcYnDZf4DqBTFXxj9bLMWRwEXNxyq.jpg


(Speed Differential * 10%) + (Ability's Dodge %) ... = Final Dodge Chance %

20% (from Speed Differential) + 25% (from Flying ability) + 25% (from Dodge ability) = 70%

Therefore, there's a 70% chance that Phantom of The Abyss will evade Diemonshark's attack.

             The third illustration may seem a Lil complicated since this is about the ability Phase but this is actually no different from calculating the attack accuracy of Melee & Range. In this example, a 3 Speed Oaken Behemoth is attacking a 7 Speed Nightmare. Their Speed Differential is "4".

23wWpsX8Dibrj9Rf7WYNncqCHwuXhdCp9HxBQvPH57Zz2saMPTrwoUHqTaxfaS5BtNWJF.jpg Ep1WMrKHF1TkTmfH1GYrnGD24WkhSnnZToFFKAyggWfuskgw3vFprGqLHCW7k1RcBAz.jpg


(Speed Differential) * 10% = Defending Monster's Dodge Chance %

4 * 10% = 40%

Since there are no evade abilities in play, Speed differential is the only variable involved in this equation. Therefore, there's a 40% chance that Nightmare will evade both the Melee & Magic attacks of Oaken Behemoth.

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             I hope you have a better understanding about the dodge chance mechanics in-game by now and how does abilities, rulesets and change in monster's speed affect the calculation. So as a treat let me showcase a few interesting battles I had. Enjoy watching...


Have you ever seen a lot of misses in a game? Here's one of mine, in this battle, one of the rulesets was "Super Sneak" (All Melee monsters have the Sneak ability. If neither party put Taunt Ability in play, all Sneak Monsters from positions 2 ~ 6 will target the last monster on the enemy Team instead of the first monster). I used Serpent of Eld's Dodge & Ice Pixie's Flying abilities to my advantage thinking my opponent will be a heavy melee team and viola! they even use Mylor. Nonetheless, help me count again and see if it really was 20 misses.


             Here's another fun fact for you, this is one of the interactions I love to play around when I'm able to. Did you know that your evasiveness can be a catalyst to deal damage too? Yes, you read it right!, that could happen if the ability Backfire is in play. You can click the Battle Replay below to watch it in action.


Backfire 90px.png BACKFIRE
If an enemy attack misses the monster that has backfire ability, the attacker takes 2 damage (Amplify ability doesn't increase this damage). Works against magic attack too if Phase ability is in play.





             There you have it guys our in-depth dive in understanding Dodge Chance. IMO it's important to play around with your dodge chances all the time but it's best when rulesets such as; Keep Your Distance , Lost Magic , Melee Mayhem , Super Sneak, and Up Close & Personal are in play because with these rulesets you can easily narrow down your opponent's options when setting up his team and adjust accordingly.

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             Let me take this opportunity to thank @bulldog1205 , @stever82 , and our man @yabapmatt himself for confirming my formulas and equations. I'm grateful to my brother @bhattg and our @indiaunited family for the encouragement, to @marianaemilia for sharing my content, to @inuke for trying out the strategy from my previous post, and to all of you who liked, upvoted and shared my content. I wish there was an easy way to tag y'all guys so that I can thank you properly ❤️.

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