So you lost your left sock

So you lost your left sock

By Illustrious_ar15 | Kaya mo yan | 9 Feb 2021


Left socks are useful in our society but sometimes they go missing. It has happened multiple times to many people. You can't just wear one sock or two right ones. Therefore, you need to go find it when it goes missing. Sometimes it gets lost in the washer and sometimes it gets lost in the dryer. Sometimes you leave it in your shoes and sometimes it gets eaten by a monster. No matter where it goes it's still lost, and we need to find it. You begin in the simple places.

              When you notice you are missing a left sock the first place to go look is in the dirty laundry hamper. Sometimes a left sock can be forgotten when everything else was taken to the wash. If you have already added other clothes since washing you will need to dig through all the clothes. If you are lucky you will find it there and your search is over. If not, you will have to head to the washing machine and keep looking.

              On the way to the washing machine there are many places it could have fallen. You must look on your way to see if it has fallen out. The distance varies for everyone. There are many different obstacles on the way that it could be hiding under. Check under the refrigerator, the oven, and anything else along the way.  Try the stairs also if there are any. If you can’t find it anywhere between your room and your washing machine it’s time to search the washing machine.

              Most people might just look inside the part of the washing machine where you put clothes at, but any reasonable person is clearly going to look all over the washing machine. Inside the washing machine there is sometimes a little flap that is great at hiding socks. Behind the washing machine is also often a culprit of stealing left socks. If it is not there it is time to check underneath your washing machine. It can be hard the reach under the washer. You may need a stick of some sort to reach the back of the washer.  Then it is a good idea to take off the side panel of the washing machine because sometimes it slips through and hides. The washing machine is usually next to the dryer so there isn’t usually a lot of room to check in between.

              Checking the floor around the dryer is the next step. It is commonly found here but sometimes it is not. If it is not found it is time to check inside the dryer. The inside part usually gets cleaned out well however sometimes it gets left behind. The next spot is behind the dryer. Sometimes it can be found here and sometimes you need to keep looking. Just like the washing machine you need to check underneath and behind the side panels. By this point most people have found their left sock but there are times that it is still lost.

              If you have not found it by this point you may need to ask those who live with you. It is possible that it was stolen. Ask around first to see if any body did take it. If they all say no, you better dig first and check around their personal areas for your left sock. Do not trust anyone at this point. They most likely do not want to admit to stealing your left sock. If you still have not found it by this point you need to ask yourself who else could have stolen it. Do you have a nemesis that stole it? Do you think aliens are involved? Do you have a girlfriend that wanted to play a joke? (It wasn’t funny Karen.) If you have a nemesis check him or her out. If you think it was aliens best to make some crop circles in the backyard. This will attract them back and you can get the jump on them and maybe get your left sock back. If you think it was the girlfriend, ask her and check her right foot. She would wear it there like a little rebel. If it isn’t on her foot maybe you should check your own shoe.

              I know many people have shoes. Some people like to take their shoes and socks off at the same time then leave their socks inside their shoes. So If you haven’t found it yet it could be hiding in a pair of your shoes. Check all your shoes. Not just your favorite sneakers. Check inside your sandals and your flip flops. You never know where it could be hiding.

              After all this you should have found your left sock. However, if you have not found it you can give up because this sock clearly does not exist. Maybe someone burned it. It could have been eaten by your dog. Just know it is no longer with us. Some people say when your left sock goes missing it turns into a Tupperware lid that doesn’t fit anything. It is now likely that no one will ever find it. Give up and move on with your life. You already spent so much time when you could have easily bought a new pair of socks.

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