Why Justin Sun will become most Successful Blockchain Co-founder and Business man.

Why Justin Sun will become most Successful Blockchain Co-founder and Business man.

By Kavi | Kavya | 9 Jun 2020




A 29 years old young man named Justin Sun had a great educational background and history of tech entrepreneur before entered in the market of Blockchain . Tron was his ambitious project started in 2017 with raising 70 million USD through ICO.

There is no elevator to success ,you have to take the stairs _ ZigZiglar

Tron foundation story was quite interesting as it had lot accusation at initial stage of launching, it was accused by lawsuit about stealing the Ethereum java code from initial libraries and renamed Tron Java as coding Language  also as per Digital Asset Research , Tron most code was plagiarised from other project But ultimately Tron came over on all these issues and finally live in the market . 

But Justin sun was not done here and he kept attempting for tron development for making it best blockchain in the market and after 2018 Tron which was started as ERC-20 Token on Ethereum smart contract switched to independent blockchain on the base peer to peer networking .

And the real Journey of Tron started here .Slowly in few month Tron was become the top 10 cryptocurrency on the base of market capitalisation and became rivalry of Ethereum blockchain. Justing started acquired other good project on the internet and BitTorrent( a peer to peer file sharing network) was bought by justin soon in 2019 and later Tron hold 1.6 Billion market capitalisation by the hard and smart work of justin sun. 

Tron was basically advancing the blockchain infrastructure through providing 2000 transaction /seconds on zero fees and after cloning from Ethereum , it had tron virtual machine for integrating any smart contract application programming .Justin predicted the blockchain importance in the furure and continue developing Tron and made the tron consensus of mechanism was Proof of Stake (DPoS) which was featured well and finally differentiated from Ethereum blockchain (PoW) mechanism algorithm  .

Justin has put such effort in Tron Blockchain where it is so advanced than Ethereum and finally Tron 4.0 is getting more advance by integrating zk-SNARKs Technology through smart contract where any of the tron transaction amount detail will be completly hidden and it will be lauched soon in july 7th ,2020. 



Justing brought zk-SNARKs  from core blockchain features of Zcash blockchain through smart contract integration. The Dedication for Tron is becoming more interesting as it has launched JUST  stablecoin which will be work together with Tron blockchain algorithm and also bought recently the exchange called poloniex which will fulfil its goal to reality .

Justin as a business man in blockchain knows how to deal with the users and traffic for their Dapps and in march dealt with Steemit.inc  Co-Founder Ned Scot and bought the company with 20 millions liquid steem tokens with millions users . These all achievement shows that Justin is just want to rule the blockchain industry with every side and corners either payment gateway , Dapps , Smart contract , Internet  or Social networking . 













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