Pop Social App - Rewarding in $PPT. Is it worth the time & efforts? Here's my honest review

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 16 Apr 2024

Pop Social is a web3 mobile application, which rewards its users with $PPT tokens. I first tried it out 5 months ago, so please visit this post for all the details on the platform. I wanted to test the app, because I enjoy trying new applications and write about them. This app took an extra point as it was included in the Cointelegraph accelerator program (and this is how I found out about it).

I try to use dApps, make sure they are not scams and have a full opinion on them before sharing with you. So, this time - having just claimed tokens twice from this app, I am here to tell you all about it.


If you want to try it out — this is a referral link where we both earn!

If you simply want to visit the website for more information until you decide, here it is!

In this post I will let you know more information about how it works and how you can earn from using it. I will also include some information that you should know in advance to be safe

The most important thing that you should know in advance:


To claim any earned PPT through the app, you should first own an NFT.
At the moment the lowest price for one (gas fees not included) is approximately $30


You could either buy one before starting investing time in this platform, or you could wait and buy it later, after you have earned equivalent amount in $PPT. However the price of ETH, or PPT cannot be guaranteed. Choose wisely.

Earning PPT for using the app, creating and sharing content

You start earning $PPT immediately, you will probably earn 1-3 per day, so that means that you will need from 15 days to 1 and a half month to earn 50 $PPT (That is the minimum you need to claim to your wallet, actually +1PPT that will be used as gas + some BNB for the transfer fees)

image5.png image2.png image1.png

But there is more. You can spend $PPT to increase your level and earnings (similar to the reputation system in hive). Right now I am at level 5, and earn approximately 3-5 PPT a day, by spending a few minutes a day in the app.
You can read more information about levels here

You can directly claim to Bybit, but in order to do that you have to import your PPT wallet to Metamask


Here you can find the official contract of Pop Token to use for importing:

(Info from their discord server)

image3.png image4.png


About the PPT token, it has had its up and downs.

image.png image.png

At the moment 50 PPT equals appx 5$ - so it would take you a couple of months in the beginning to earn what you had spent with the NFT.

Nonetheless, there are some games and activities going on in their Discord server that you could participate to increase your earnings, or increase your engagement in the platform.

My honest opinion:

  • I found it to be complicated for a beginner and I could not find a well crafted tutorial, only various information all over the internet.
  • Their content (at least for now) is super spammy, but this could change in the future. They apparently have a big investment here, so it will be interesting to see how it evolves if more users join.
  • The user can write a post, upload a photo or a video - comment and/or repost other users' images.
  • Every day there are specific actions to take place i.e. follow at least 10 users, repost 5 posts, post 5 posts and like/comment on 10 posts

When I joined, bought an NFT, earned and claimed my first 50 PPT - only to realize later that my app had a bug, with two wallets and it was impossible to see the nft or to claim my PPT. Support team did not assist, they actually helped me lose access to that one wallet, so then I had to buy another NFT and to earn more PPT to try the app.

So, always, be extra careful even when discussing with support. Always keep your own back up. I had not kept the other wallet's private key (because noone advised me to do so), and I lost access to it.

Do you use this app? Have you ever heard about it?
Would you consider using it?
Do you think that a tutorial is needed?
Let me know in the comments!

As always, this is my honest review, I will continue using it as it only consumes a few minutes of my day and I also think that the users make the apps - and I wait for many more to join soon. I am positive that web3 apps will start becoming much more popular, when they start becoming easier to use for everyone!

Thank you for reading this far!

Useful links:
Create a Bybit Account:
Apply for a Bybit Card:
Using the referral links for Pop and Bybit will be beneficial for both of us, but it is not required.

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