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Last Phase of AFIT listing. Deposit AFIT to Digifinex to cast your vote & get AFITX airdrop!

14 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments katerinaramm

  It was just a few days ago when we were trying to help @actifit get listed on Digifinex! And it seems that it worked out fine because the listing is now at the final stage :) TL;DR Version AFIT is about to get listed on Digifinex!Your help is once...

Introduction to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) - Free MOOC offered by the University of Nicosia

13 Dec 2021 4 minute read 1 comment katerinaramm

Education is very important in our world, it can give people the power to change their present and their future. Having access to free education is priceless and very significant when we talk about new technologies like blockchain, and the field...

New CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn Campaign for Only1 (my answers included)

26 Nov 2021 2 minute read 2 comments katerinaramm

I have stopped participating at CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn Campaigns, because .. I have never, ever earned anything. But today I noticed a new campaign of something really interesting.An NFT platform, created on Solana - Only1. I was curious of...

Testing & Rating the iunfollow.com for twitter

6 Oct 2021 2 minute read 6 comments katerinaramm

Let's learn how to unfollow people who do not follow back - on our twitter account, using - step by step guide & tutorial The idea: cleaning up my twitter following Yesterday, I wrote a review about UnfollowerStats.com which seems a decent app...

October 2021 Statistics and some food for thought .. New Year approaching soon!

1 Oct 2021 2 minute read 4 comments katerinaramm

It's the first of a very special month for me.October and 2021. It's almost 4 years since I joined this block chain, even I can't believe how far I ve gone and how much I have gained ... Not only this, but we are a few weeks apart from my birthd...

Συνέντευξη με τον Παύλο Τζεγιαννάκη - δημιουργό του ελληνικού πόρταλ για crypto 'greepto.gr'​

30 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments katerinaramm

Preface in English - I am very happy to see blockchain/cryptocurrency initiatives that take place for local communities. It is very easy to find information in English but not yet so easy to find this information in the Greek language. A few wee...

Live CoinMarketCap Learn-Earn Campaigns with spoiler links

9 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments katerinaramm

  I often use CoinMarketCap to see the market prices, to collect 'diamonds' or to participate in their Learn and Earn campaigns. I still have not earned anything, but for a little while I will continue to try. The main difference between Coinbase Ear...

Coinbase: What you should do if you don't see the Earn option in your account - plus new earn opportunity

8 Aug 2021 2 minute read 4 comments katerinaramm

Most of you already know about the Coinbase Earn campaign - the user has the possibility to watch short videos about crypto projects and at the end, after taking a quiz, they can earn a few dollars of the token. Since its beginning, there have...

First open online course "Introduction to DeFi" offered by the University of Nicosia

5 Aug 2021 2 minute read 4 comments katerinaramm

Yes, you read the title right. FREE MOOC about DeFi offered by the academic pioneers in blockchain education, the University of Nicosia! I can't help but share my excitement for this new course I just found out about. 3 years ago I discovered an...

New Campaign by Coinbase - Learn & Earn 3$ of MATIC (answers included)

12 Jun 2021 1 minute read 1 comment katerinaramm

  I was reading a new article about how Coinbase plans to launch a crypto-card and I remembered that it is a long time I did not enter my Coinbase account! One of the things I do everytime I enter is to go to the news, to the notifications and of cou...