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Coming from Crete - Greece, directly on the block chain! Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/katerinaramm1

New Campaign by Coinbase - Learn & Earn 3$ of MATIC (answers included)

12 Jun 2021 1 minute read 1 comment katerinaramm

  I was reading a new article about how Coinbase plans to launch a crypto-card and I remembered that it is a long time I did not enter my Coinbase account! One of the things I do everytime I enter is to go to the news, to the notifications and of cou...

New Campaign by CoinMarketCap - Learn & Earn PlasmaFinance (5$ of PPAY)

6 Jun 2021 1 minute read 1 comment katerinaramm

Let's learn about a new CoinMarketCap campaign where we can learn some extra crypto for free (we just need a few minutes from our time) Visit this link https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/project/plasmafinance to start earning .. pls note in advance what...

TheForce.Trade Airdrop on CoinMarketCap - win up to 12 FOC

7 May 2021 1 minute read 0 comments katerinaramm

During the time I wait for my giveaway to be concluded, there is an airdrop that came to my attention CoinMarketCap has announced about TheForce.Trade Airdrop(By DuckDao & Bondly) Participate in our TheForce.Trade Airdrop(By DuckDao & Bondly) airdro...

New Twitter Giveaway - WIN 10 LEO (Plus surprise giveaway for $100 of BNB)

6 May 2021 1 minute read 2 comments katerinaramm

It was long due but today I made it happen!I got a new giveaway for all of you as a thank you for your support and also as a celebration for reaching 1m views on Pexels :) I am giving away 10 LEO to 1 persons, and accept entries till Saturday!...

Participate in the SHO Airdrop to get up to 20 SHO (worth appx 4$)

4 May 2021 1 minute read 1 comment katerinaramm

Hello everyone!I just found out about an easy airdrop, which I wanted to share with you! You will have the chance to be among 1000 persons who will win 4$ worth of SHO Screenshot shared from https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/showcase/airdrop...

Publish0x offers 10% tips this weekend PLUS an opportunity for 10x AMPL tip

1 May 2021 1 minute read 11 comments katerinaramm

  I hope you have not missed this, but if you did, I am here to let you know about ... The Publish0x LuckyTipWeekend! So, what is this about? First of all you give & get a 10% bigger crypto tipsSecond and most important - you may be one of the lucky...

In blue

30 Apr 2021 1 minute read 5 comments katerinaramm

  Last day of the month and 2 days before Easter in Greece There are not many things I wish to do, I would like to relax but my mind keeps running in high speed with a variety of things I created an art piece today My little island and a dandelion...

New milestone reached and new giveaway cookin'! Will you help me decide?

27 Apr 2021 1 minute read 0 comments katerinaramm

I have news to share!My photography views in Pexels have exceeded 2 million and I am super excited :)It was 2 months ago when the first milestone was reached but I took a big break without uploading many images in the last few weeks.Still, it se...

NEW GIVEAWAY! Enter to win 200 BHT, 10 HIVE AND 10 LEO!

10 Apr 2021 2 minute read 5 comments katerinaramm

I am always happy to see new projects joining hive, and especially when I understand that they have a plan and set goals. Broadhive joined hive a few weeks ago and so far they have distributed 2 airdrops, to the top PAL and LEO hodlers and now t...

Contests everywhere! Here's another opportunity for 200$!

8 Apr 2021 3 minute read 2 comments katerinaramm

The crypto space is full of opportunities .. you just have to know where to look and of course to be careful not to be scammed. You also need to know when you should devote your time for participating and when not. Is the prize worth your time?...