Personal Milestone: My images on Pixabay were downloaded more than 100 times

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 12 Jul 2020

In this post I will share another personal milestone and if you scroll, you will see why this post serves also as an experiment.

I have been in the blockchain since October 2017 and I still feel like a noob.

I am so excited to be here. I am amazed by acquiring all the new knowledge, thrilled for being in the community, for being inside history - as it is in the making.
In the meantime, I have started exploring new talents, I begun to remember past interests and I discovered new hobbies. Such as photography.

I am just an amateur photographer (if I may call me that), who likes to capture anything that creates a feeling for me, or any moment that I wish to save .. **for ever**

Until now, I have been taking images with an iphone or a samsung (both old smartphones)
(I have been eyeing myself a new camera, but the cost is 600 euros so I will prefer to take [[the blockchain class]( first and then gather money for the cam)

But I have written too much! Let the images speak for me!
Will you celebrate with me?

### More than 100 downloads in Pixabay!


Yes, I know it may not be much, but for me it is a whole lot. Especially since this is achieved with only 23 images.

The most important thing for me is the ... conversion rate / meaning how many people have downloaded my photo, compared to how many people saw it.

My best image was my little kitty, Rico (or Rica, a little stray that we have been taking care of). 117 persons saw the photo, and 97 have downloaded it so far. This is an impressive 83%
Second photo is the 'refreshed red rose' that has received 13 viewers and 9 downloads (69%) *And imagine that this image was uploaded just a few days ago!)


I only recently made a pixabay account, because I have been searching of what to do with my hundreds of photos :) So, instead of trying only [pexels](, I thought to try a number of different websites. I am so lucky to find great images to use in my posts, why not give back to the photograph community?

Pixabay is a very popular website :) I will soon post a review about it.

If you are there, feel free to give me a follow (I will certainly follow back and check out your photos too!) Here is my account>

Thank you very much for coming by, let's see how this multi-experiment goes :)

*I am also using this post as an experiment for a new project developed by @acidyo, where we get to select how much of the author's percentage will be distributed back to the curators* *In this post, 50% from my own rewards will be coming back to you who voted it*


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