My opinion about (a new microblogging site that rewards its users in bitcoin cash)

My opinion about (a new microblogging site that rewards its users in bitcoin cash)

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 9 Jan 2021

I will tell you once again. Try to not leave opportunities passing by.


Today i will talk to you about - a very easy to use social media platform .. how I got there, how I almost missed it and my honest opinion (so far)

I was on LeoFinance Discord, busy working, and every once in a while looking at my Greek friends chatting. They were talking about and they were signing up. I quickly commented .. "I am too busy now but I ll join you in a couple of days"

And I did, but "I ate door" ("έφαγα πόρτα" Greek expression meaning that I was not accepted, I was rejected)

The servers were full and I had missed my chance

Luckily, a few days later they fixed it and I could join.
But again, that incident got me thinking that sometimes we got to be fast like the wind :)

So, let's start talking..

About was launched a couple of weeks ago by the same team as


As it is very new, it is also a very simple site.


What actions can you do?

You can post a link/an image & description
You can like another post, send a tip
You can subscribe to new users & turn on notifications
You can ignore/block users
You can reply to other users' posts

You cannot repost
You cannot send messages
You don't have a wallet in the platform, you need an external Bitcoin Cash wallet

Sign up process

It is very easy

You only need to choose a username and fill in your email (which is used to verify you)


the rules are very very clear :)


After you log in

Go to your wallet and fill in a bitcoin cash wallet address!


Find some people to follow :)

Of course feel free to meet me at

And if you want, I have a list with the Greekz (@alexvan is included ;)) where you can follow us all and of course fill in your name too!

I barely check the 'explore' - I find too much spammy noise - I always check my subscriptions though and tip whenever I can

Make sure you also follow the official account for all the updates


I have not figured out how tips are distributed, I have been using for about a week and have made $4,22 - I think that it could be more but my time is really limited.

To tip someone (when you have accumulated a few cents - after having made a couple of posts) - You need to click the numbers on someone's posts - then click the 'free tips'


Afterwards, click on the amount to select it and let the bar at the 50% or move it any direction you wish - before you click on 'Send'


Extra info :)

(1) Remember to check the notifications, it is easy to see the recent tips & replies :)


(2) You can click on the little bell next to a friends' username, and then you will be notified about their posts. If not, you will just see them in your feed :)


(3) You have the option to ignore or block a user by clicking on the little stop sign (bottom right of the post)

1st time you show you are not interested

And from then on you could either ignore or block a user

You can also click on 'undo' if you clicked it by mistake

Is it worth your time?


Bitcoin Cash is rising so I see no reason why not including a very easy and quick to use network, to cross promote your posts and to grow your network, while earning some bitcoin cash...

What do you think?

Are you also on

Thank you for visiting :)

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Blockchain social media testing and more! Bringing Crete and more to the blockchain


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