My November in Publish0x

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 30 Nov 2022

November is a very special month for me, every year.

The Why? I will tell you some other time.

For now, let's focus on November in Publish0x

In case you are new here, Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic blogging platform.

This means that it does not have its own token, it rewards its users in other tokens - now in ETH and AMPL.

The users can blog and be tipped (with microtips worth of up to 0.01$) or simply upvote the blogs they read (there is a daily limit)

For a while due to lack of time, it was nearly impossible for me to visit & to blog daily.

But in September I decided to give Publish0x a try again. And I am happy I did.

I saw my earnings increase & my connections here as well.

Let's see more details.

What is the first number you focus on? Earnings?

Well, I focused on views & likes :)



And if you compare my November with October (down) - the numbers do tell a story.




I published almost 15 posts in November and my earnings were 2.03$ in ETH and 2.36$ in AMPL




I was also happy to connect with 29 more people this month!

Let's connect here: (aff link)

Previous report


Will I continue to post here?

Well of course I will!

I find daily content every day, I win some extra crypto and I make new friends!


Thank you for visiting and feel free to connect!

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