@dapprl 's debut: Exciting, Sleek & Time Saving :) Happy to be a tester

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 15 Jul 2020

Hello everyone!

I downloaded this new hive based dApp yesterday evening - I got so excited that I really did not know what to say!
It seems to be whatever a  hive user needs from an app.

First of all let me share with you a short video (from my city, project also on the blockchain @aboutheraklion)

An emblematic Fortress, existing hundreds of years in my town. It has protected us many times from conquerors, it still stands proudly reminding us to fight for what we believe in
It is evident that the creators of this app have devoted plenty of time, to have everything in place.

(Videos appearing in the dapplr app but not in other platforms/sharing here also the .gif format)




A full review will follow but in the meantime ...

General Impression about Dapplr App

  • It is fast

  • It is pretty to look at

  • It has notifications and easy list or grid view

  • you can see my feed / communities right in the interface as well as check out the posts balance/comments/featured image

  • you can easily upvote as you see your Voting Power and easily adjust the % of your vote

  • you can easily search, change theme, go to your profile or add a post

Crafting a post

  • you can easily choose between media only or editor

  • you can draft a number of posts

  • it has an easy editor

  • you can easily tag people

Managing your account - Wallet

  • to manage your account, drag the little curb on the down side of your screen

  • you can easily transfer, delegate, power up/down, check your transactions and referrals

Important question! How to join?

They have a great referral programm in place! Feel free to join through my referral link here https://app.dapplr.in/k8zC91qVyGFZ91MF6 or join their Discord server to ask early access :)

At the moment Android 6.0 or later devices are eligible. IOS is waiting for approval, but I am sure it is coming out very soon!


I don't see any serious bugs, some little things that will be for sure fixed asap. There has been a great work prior to its publication

The @dapplr is set as a 5% beneficiary for their posts, which is fine by me!

Check out the below short clips 



I hope you found this informative, stay tuned for more. soon.

Thank you so much for visiting!

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