The Duality of Mind

By Offkarishma | karishmaoff98 | 12 Jul 2020

"The power of subconscious mind" by Joseph Murphy


This book has certain magic and motivation,changes the perception about things,people and life.
Our mind works on duality principle ie on the duality of conscious and subconscious.A subconscious mind is basically
a guidance system which store your believes,skills,memories,experiences.About 90% of our decisions are made from the
subconscious mind.The subconscious mind has all answers to problems.
The conscious mind is the result of our mental awareness basically any intent derived from own violation.


To understand this let's consider my example during my school days i was keen interested in learning to play basketball.
Initially i was hell conscious like am i dribbling the ball in right way?, i constantly alarmed my mind about the rules,
position of the game.I literally felt the anxiety,pressure due to consciousness of my mind.
Later when i erudite the game(played for Syed Modi stadium during my school days) all my anxieties,insecurities disappeared
.Now in college i had the same insecurity will i be good than others in the game?,i felt the same pressure and this time
my conscious mind weighted heavier than the subconscious mind and the result is 1/4 times i played basketball and that too
only for my department no zonal,no states which is a big failure and regret for me.
Thus the subconscious mind is always and way more productive then the conscious mind.
The conscious mind is like the captain of a cricket team he directs the teammates,they follow his instructions that may or may not
be beneficial for the team but they have to follow the instruction because it is ordered by the captain,similarly our conscious
mind plays the role of captain and the teammates as subconscious mind,it believes what our conscious mind makes it believe.

Joseph Murphy once said-"Every thought is a cause,and every condition is an effect."
Thus if your cause is negative the effect would be failure and if the cause is positive the effect would be success.
There are 3 stages for the working positive effect in life:
Thus people must learn to allure their conscious mind and master the art to captivate instinctive hints of subconscious mind.

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