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Splinterlands | The packs are still mucho worth it!

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 17 Aug 2021

Yesterday we had a season end in Splinterlands and I guess it was the first season entirely after the big SPS start. I really find I can notice that there is a big influx in players and also what kind of cards they are using.

Previously there were always a bot of bots around which have disappeared also entirely as it feels, and new players which a mixture in Untamed and reward cards with sometimes some Betas in there are the opponent now in the gold league. Different dynamics I would say, because from a lot of the Untamed card I don't really know what abilities they have when they start leveling up and how usefull this is in my game.


A lot of people currently don't find it very attractive to buy DICE packs because they feel expensive. I do understand this message honestly when buying them with fiat, but buying them with in-game DEC doesn't hurt so much and still the rewards (especially if you are using some of the potions there, which actually just might work) are great!.


Let's have a look at this pack which I bought yesterday:

3000 DEC which is the normal price for a DICE pack versus the 2000 for an Untamed will cost you with todays price: 47.6 HIVE or 22 bucks. If you are in a guild a pack will cost you 2820 for with a discount which isn't bad.

Yesterday I had this draw and let's have a look at the prices from these cards:

Golden Goblin Dartling: $6.50
Golden Naga Brute: $5.84
Brighton Bloom: $3.33
Battering Ram: $0.44
Dragon Spirit: $2.75

Which is about $18 bucks in rewards at the moment. Yesterday when I was checking both of the goldenones where going for around $9 bucks a piece, which means the market is big time fluctuating and you need to be selective in when you want to sell something.


In my 30 reward chests was literally nothing special as well as in my alt account outside for about 900 DEC which is still around $8 for the collection. You can not have all the luck every time.






Collection growth

Now we come to the interesting part again. The total value of the cards. I saw a saying about NFTs recently in Twitter which is so damn true

'* You can not smoke the same joint twice*'

Which means you really have to be selective when you would want to sell a card, because once it is gone, it is really gone. When I look at buddy 'Kron the Undying' it is currently on the market for $450 bucks and I have sold two of them already along the way for less that $80. You get what I mean right? Selling isn't always the best deal, but money in your pocket is on the other hand.


Looking back at my previous posts about wallet growth stating:

9 days ago wallet $7500 bucks
20 days ago wallet $4097 bucks
2 months ago wallet $1463

And all of this is with selling cards along the way and selling DEC along the way. And this is even without mentioning the daily SPS airdrop which gave me already $300 bucks of free value just for owning these cards.

Weird stuff dudes.

I mentioned the game to a couple of friends a while back and they ask me if it was worth their time and their $10 bucks investment in the card pack. I would say it surely is, but who am I ;)

Give it a try with Splinterlands

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A Dutch girl who lived around the world is quarantined like the rest of the world. Crypto enthusiast, dog lover, writing about whatever comes to life


A Dutch girl who lived in a lot of places writing about life, Covid, travel and some crypto amonst the daily stuff

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