Rising Star is now on WAX Atomic Hub

Rising Star is now on WAX Atomic Hub

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 20 Apr 2021

I just love it how bridging between blockchains are being gapped. Rising Star Game is really trying to do this with working their tokonomics to a sustainable level, and now this week this announcement came

'We got whitelisted on AtomicHub'

As I am a fanatic player I was very much interested to see how it worked on putting the cards on WAX.


So when the question came from mister Jux himself who would want to get some cards on Atomic Hub, I was surely ready to give it a try to see if this works. For now you can only put them on WAX through Jux, but I am sure that in the near future when everything is verfied (as you can see in the memo in the screen collection is whitelisted but not verfied as yet), then the real power of cross chain NFTs can work out once you are able to put them on yourself.

Maybe even these cards will even be able to be staked in Rplanet to get the Aether that for instance @rivalzzz is looking for in his quest for the planets on Alien Worlds. The options of these cross chain NFT will all work out positive for blockchain gaming in general, and this is another step towards it!


Unbelievable how a game has made such a progress in what it wants to do. Just recently Rising Star Game had its first birthday, and they went from a clicking game, to a tactic game to a manager game and now they are listed in the worldwide NFT walhalla. And all of this started just after when Steem went to HIVE. I call this fast developments.


Now I don't know it minting these cards on WAX will mean that they are burned on the HIVE blockchain, or if they are like temporary stored in an IOU setting, but that is all for later. But also this could be an awesome way of getting cards off of the market and being staked and hold the value. I see lots of potential!


Is this now for everybody? No, as said. you still need to contact Jux to get your cards on there. This will probably change as the scaling changes as well. More players are coming in everyday, and I guess especially with exposure from other blockchains who are wondering what these cards are doing, some of them will stop by and have a look.


We will be waiting.


In this post there was already mentioned that it is possible to buy packs with WAX, but still only through one person, same as minting the cards. Once this gets automated and people are able to make impulsive decisions, that is when it all will fire up!

Again all you need to play is a Rising Star Game account, a HIVE account (dont worry, it happens to the best if you dont have one as yet), and now all of a sudden you can use your Atomic Hub Wax wallet for all of this.

Happy gaming!

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