FTX exchange for pro with a features

By Marco K | Kappei81 | 11 Mar 2021

FTx is the exchange that surprised me to much, I have followed it for a long time and since it contained only a few tokens and its related futures, it is now an all-round exchange, with the main cryptocurrencies (the ones we love so much) but it has implemented the market with several currencies and (above all) about fifty American shares. The nice thing about this is that I, who cannot afford to buy amazon shares as they are very expensive, can afford to expose myself to Bezos' company even with a small part of the share. Also on the deposit there is the lending of these shares (if they are tied, but not always because there must be a borrower)

the tokenomics of the platform resembles that of Binance, for which tokens are burned every week to decrease the supply, as you can see from the table below, more than 10 million tokens have been burned with a current supply of 128m (even 200m are still in the hands of the team)


a last look at the fees, which are the best among the top exchanges, only 0.02% for Maker orders.



like all exchanges in recent months, business has been booming



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