The Fun fact about crypto - 2nd edition

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 24 May 2024

Basically, there are many things that are strange and fun about crypto, especially about users or the community. So on this occasion I would like to write down some real facts specific to the crypto community in general.


- The first odd fact is that did you know that most of the crypto users who are most active at all times are users who do not actually own crypto in reality. (Crypto Dreamer)

- The second fun fact is that most crypto users actually own more Altcoins than Bitcoin. (Altcoiners)

- The third interesting weird fact do you know that it turns out that Bitcoin lovers are actually only inhabited by people who cannot move on and are afraid that Altcoin is perched in the top position. (Bitcoin Maxi)

- The fourth odd fact do you know if B-Money (1998) was the inspiration for the creation of Bitcoin created by Wei Dai. And in the end both initialize B as the beginning of the use of letters in their names.(Crypto Pioneer)

- The fifth odd fact do you know that most crypto users today have realized that krioto is actually worth saying as a currency that is invisible but has a fantastic value so it is a must-have. (Wanted Crypto)

Those are some fun fact editions about crypto this time. See you at the next crypto fun dact.

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