The existence of DEX without CEX in crypto

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 29 Nov 2023

Will crypto progress if it only runs on the existence of DEX without CEX?

A question that is indeed expected with an answer that fits the criteria of crypto creation. The answer is: Yes, crypto will advance even if it runs only with the existence of Decentralized Exchange.


As a further explanation, crypto will be more advanced even without the existence of CEX based on the following reasons:

1. Security is more guaranteed.

DEX as we know clearly runs without anyone's authority, which means it does not have a central server so it is safer from theft or cyber attacks. Because of the existence without a central servwr, it can be believed that to give the public confidence in crypto.

2. Lower fees

With the DEX, of course, the fees charged will be cheaper than the fees charged by CEX. So that this will make crypto more affordable for the wider community.

3. More guaranteed decentralization

Due to the non-centralized existence of DEX, this ensures that crypto runs according to the crypto philosophy itself. Where crypto prioritizes the existence of decentralization.

From the explanation of the clarity of the advancement of crypto without the existence of CEX, it still has several challenges that need to be faced. Such as:

1. Limited service features

Because DEXs usually have limited features compared to the existence of CEXs. So that sometimes it makes it difficult for users to fulfill their needs.

2. Safety factor in terms of risk of loss.

The inadequate existence of DEX for facility issues, so the risk factor for user loss is higher than the CEX facility.

So overall, it can be seen from the three reasons that crypto will advance even without CEX by fulfilling the problems of the two main challenges that must be faced with the existence of more improved services and facilities.

By meeting these challenges according to technological developments, services will be more complete, security will be guaranteed and facilities will also be more adequate. Plus public education on the existence of crypto education with the existence of Decentralized Exchanhe so that understanding and the main points of crypto are created, increasing the chances of crypto adoption in the end.

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