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cryptonimus token cry

Cryptonimus token (CRY)

By Cryptonimus | Kamy Coin | 26 Nov 2021

With the Cryptonimus token (CRY) I intend, on the one hand, to learn and share knowledge related to token creation, minting and of course tokenization.

At first it served as a tutorial for the creation of tokens in Mint.Club. But since the community around Cryptonimus is growing, both on YouTube, Telegram and the rest of the social networks.

I thought that I could make the token much more useful, and offer extra services, both to the people who already belong to the community, and to all those who are approaching.

cryptonimus token mintclub

Many surprises and news for Cryptonimus - CRY - in 2022

So soon, I hope that before mid-2022 I will be able to announce that with the token it will be possible to purchase services, products and merchandising through the online shop.

Thanks to the Gastcoin project and its crypto payment gateway with which you can buy through WordPress in the online shop of my website. With tokens from the Binance Smart Chain, compatible with BEP20, including the Cryptonimus (CRY) token.

This is an integration that we have already done in the shop of another of my tokens, which I talked about some time ago in this blog. The Kamy Coin, for which I was also waiting for this integration. And now we only need to be able to include CRY and KMY among the payment currencies. Although payment with BUSD and USDT is already available. And soon GAST will also be available.

CRY Cryptonimus token

What is Cryptonimus token?

A utility token, created in Mint.Club, which has the MINT token as collateral.

It can be purchased with both MINT and many other tokens in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It will soon be possible to purchase services and products on with this token. With special discounts for those who use it.

Several raffles have been held in which these tokens have been given away. I do not rule out some more in the future. So stay tuned to my YouTube and Telegram channels.

By the way, very soon we will reach 5000 users on the YouTube channel and it might be a good time to give away or raffle some tokens.

Not only Cryptonimus (CRY) but also Kamy Coin (KMY). They are sister tokens and they will grow in unison.

Proposals and improvements

Of course I am open to proposals, improvements and collaborations to grow. The idea is to share knowledge, and grow as a community. It is how I have been growing naturally and organically in my channels and social networks. And it is how I intend Cryptonimus token to grow.

There is no rush, I don't want a LAMBO, I want to share and grow the community along with the projects we develop together.

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Passionate about cryptocurrencies and freedom. I like to share my knowledge and continue learning from the community.

Kamy Coin
Kamy Coin

I want to introduce you to the Kamy Coin token. It has been created in the blockchain Mchain in Marbella. It is an MRC20 token that will serve to give value to cultural and artistic contents.

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