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Binance Chain

26 Sep 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Cryptonimus

I don't know if you know that Binance has its own blockchain. So they are creating many projects as uniswap in that blockchain, some coins are already worth 50$. New DeFi opportunities in Binance Chain The best thing about it is that the fees, commi...

Páginas para invertir con Bitcoin

3 Sep 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

Las personas que ya llevamos un tiempo metidas en el criptomundo. Y que nos gusta trabajar cada vez más con criptomonedas, buscamos siempre formas y páginas para invertir donde generar nuevos ingresos en blockchain y cryptos. Tipos de páginas para in...

Bitcoin pool with trading bots

16 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

The Crypto Mining Group is a legally established company in the UK. The project behind Cryto Mining Group was born more than 3 years ago as a mining pool based mainly on staking and masternodes. Today, with version 3.0 of its platform. That has chang...

Fidelizarlos - Convertir los puntos de fidelización en tokens

22 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

¿Qué es Fidelizarlos? Un token nacido bajo la blockchain Mchain, con la intención de tokenizar y poner en valor los puntos de fidelidad de cualquier negocio. Su símbolo es FZA Toda la información en: ¿Por qué nace Fidelizarlos? En m...

Dogecoin leasing

28 Apr 2020 1 minute read 7 comments Cryptonimus

Win for stake your Dogecoins I've been using this platform for quite some time now, generating extra income just by having my Dogecoin in that wallet. You don't have to do anything. Just keep the Dogecoins on this platform and they use them to genera...

BTCSurf te permite ganar todos los días algunos satoshis gratis

2 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

3 minutos en BTCSurf al día son suficientes En BTCSurf todos los días puedes conseguir algunos satoshis completamente gratis. Solo tienes que entrar en VER SURF. Si lo usas 3 minutos al día, recibirás bonus aleatorios de entre 100 y 200 satoshis. Co...

Tienda de dropshipping con más de 7000 productos relacionados con el cannabis

23 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

Seguimos creando tiendas de dropshipping en diferentes sectores y nichos de mercado. Esta vez le ha tocado el turno a una tienda grow shop, hacía bastante tiempo que no creábamos ninguna de este tipo. Además la tienda utiliza un proveedor con el que...

Vivir gracias a Internet

8 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

Creo que puedo decirlo ya, después de tantos años que llevo, me he dado cuenta de que si. ¡ Se puede vivir de Internet ! De hecho, ¡¡ yo vivo de Internet !! Pero no soy rico, casi ni lo pretendo, me gusta "sobrevivir", a veces mejor, otras más ajusta...

Proveedores de dropshipping

7 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

¿Dónde encuentro proveedores de dropshipping? Quizás es una de las preguntas que más me han hecho durante todo el tiempo que llevo dedicándome a diseñar tiendas de dropshipping. Aquí tenéis un vídeo que hice con algunos consejos a tener en cuenta a l...

El Dropshipping bien explicado

7 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptonimus

Dropshipping no es Shopify & AliExpress Cuando se trata de hablar de dropshipping, en cualquier país han surgido decenas de "influencers" que te venden las maravillas de este modelo de negocio basado en Shopify y AliExpress. Todos te venden lo mismo,...


Binance Chain

26 Sep 2020 Cryptonimus

27 September 2020
Hey! Thanks for your comment! I follow you now!!

Dogecoin leasing

28 Apr 2020 Cryptonimus

16 May 2020
You can use many cryptos, there are many PoS coins with which you can do Staking and Masternodes. But leasing only works with Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Dogecoin leasing

28 Apr 2020 Cryptonimus

13 May 2020
You deposit your Dogecoins and they pay you interest every day as long as you keep it in your 4Stake wallet.

Dogecoin leasing

28 Apr 2020 Cryptonimus

13 May 2020
Only deposit your Dogecoins in your wallet at 4Stake. Nothing else more!

TOP 5 Coins And Tokens In My Portfolio - This Is What I HODL 😎

11 Apr 2020 Cryptonator`s

12 April 2020
Good! Here's my list. 1 MAR (Mchain currency). Staking for 1 year. 2 Tezos, another great bet in which I agree with you. 3. Tron, I'm staking too. 4. Callisto, I have few but still give performance. 5. VeChain, I'm getting something out of him too. 6. TomoChain. Staking, but I don't pay much attention to it. 7. Ethereum, of course. 8. Bitcoin, never forget it. 9. KamyCoin (KMY), it will soon be a talking point. 10. Fidelizarlos (FZA), another token with a lot of potential. It's mine!! Hehe

How To Earn 3x More LBC On LBRY

3 Apr 2020 Scott Cunningham

04 April 2020
Thanks. It's gonna help me a lot to keep growing up in Lbry.

Brave Browser Gains 1m New Users in March

2 Apr 2020 CryptoSorted

02 April 2020
It is undoubtedly the best browser at the moment. I work on the Internet and always have many windows open and the only one that doesn't collapse my RAM memory is Brave!

Top Things You Should Know About Aragon (ANT)

6 Mar 2020 MuyAsk

07 March 2020
Thank you very much. I was looking for something like that. I have created a project in Aragon, but I am still very green and I needed information to be able to advance.

$ATOM, $ZRX $KNC $DASH $ETH, $MCO New HODLING experiments!!! :D

7 Mar 2020 Cryptolohy

07 March 2020
Thanks for the article. Last year I also started betting on some coins, VeChain, Tezos, Callisto, and this year I'm still looking for good projects. And I think I'm gonna go with one of the ones you mentioned. Besides, I've registered at with your link! Ah! y soy Andaluz! jejeje Gracias!

Loopring Launches zkRollup Exchange:

6 Mar 2020 Loopring

07 March 2020
Congratulations on the launch. I believe the future lies in decentralized exchanges. If we really go for the blockchain, there's no other way.

Much Awaited Bitcoin Event, Bitcoin 2020, Postponed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

7 Mar 2020

07 March 2020
I think it's all a smoke screen. They needed one more excuse to cover up what really matters to normal people. Of course people die, mostly old people with other diseases. And I feel very sorry for them. But we're going to suffer a lot more after everything they're covering up with the virus is discovered.

Top 6 Cardano (ADA) wallets in 2020

6 Mar 2020 ChangellyOfficial

07 March 2020
I invested something in Cardano in 2018, I think I rushed it. Even though I knew this blockchain had a future. I'm glad to know it's moving forward.

Browser Crypto Earnings - March 2020 review

7 Mar 2020 DimitarM

07 March 2020
I didn't know Netbox, the others did, and above all I use brave because in addition to rewards it's also much more powerful and faster than Chrome

Everything you need to know about MakerDao and Dai

1 Jun 2019 Zoran Spirkovski

07 March 2020
I discovered Maker a few months ago and I'm using it. But I still don't really understand how it works. That's why this article is helping me. Thank you!

What the banana is BANANO coin? The meme brother of NANO coin!

4 Mar 2020 LiquidAttic

06 March 2020
Thank. I will. Again, congratulations on the article

What the banana is BANANO coin? The meme brother of NANO coin!

4 Mar 2020 LiquidAttic

06 March 2020
I've known Banana for a long time and since I saw it on Twitter I liked it. I think I've lost the tips I was given on Twitter, I don't know how to get them back.

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Stratis Token Swap FAQ

22 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments Bogdanel

As the voting has now ended the next stage is the Token Swap process from STRAT to STRAX. We have received several questions we would like to address in this short FAQ.   When is the STRAX swap window? First round of the Strax Swap window is from the...

These are the Top 10 DeFi Projects (tokens & coins)

27 Sep 2020 11 minute read comments busyjordy

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding DeFi cryptocurrencies right now and I’m going to give you a quick break down on what they are and their purpose.   DeFi is short for Decentralised Finance and it’s a pretty broad term, but the key thing is that most...

Verge Coin (XVG) A Little Bit Move More Down And Then Bang For 234% Big Bullish Move

26 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments moon333

  In this video you will watch how:   The priceline of the Verge coin has broken down the $0.005 support and moving between $0.005 to $0.003.       On the weekly chart, the priceline has broken down the 100 and 25 simple moving averages and now lik...

The Play2Earn Report - Opportunities Everywhere!

25 Sep 2020 6 minute read comments Khazrakh

This week has been another crazy ride for me, with new opportunities popping up left and right and some amazing yet impactful changes in some of my games. First news first, though. My brace has finally come off so I'm able to write with two hands aga...

We’re going DeFi staking crazy: introducing the PHNX Uniswap Rewards Program!

24 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments PhoenixDAO (PHNX)

  Hello community! We truly believe that getting PHNX into your hands whilst boosting the projects awareness and value is paramount, for that reason we really are going staking mad at the moment, we started with the Unifyre staking event which was a...

BTC technical analysis outlook: More pain or relief ahead?

23 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments MadMaxx

Before we get started, how about you join my FREE Telegram channel here for on the go market updates, trading insights, news and signals? Now that you've done that, let's get into the analysis. Previously, I would do an analysis for about 4 coins. Bu...

DeFi Degens should take one moment to look at CryptoArt <3

22 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments brucethegoose.eth

    While I certainly can't claim that DeFi doesn't have any value; I also can't claim that $UNI didn't motivate me to explore the DeFi trend and see if I can't become a Junior Chad. That said, at some point the DeFi trend is going to get stale, new...

SOVRINTOWN: BLOCKCHAIN 'Protect' your Town's Future Prosperity, Transparently!

21 Sep 2020 7 minute read comments thunderboltkid

SOVRINTOWN Copyright 2020 Robert Reive All Rights Reserved. Licensed as Open Source for use under the BSD Software License 2.0 Optional Annual Service & Support Subscriptions as well as custom Development & Support by SOVRINTown (TK and Team et al.)...

CoinGecko Yield Farming Survey Report 2020 Has Finally Arrived!

21 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments CoinGecko

Without a doubt, the cryptospace moves in high velocity, and one of the new growth cycles in the past 90 days is Yield Farming. Yield farming refers to the process of putting your assets to work across various Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols...

Publish0x User Account Reference Guide

9 Sep 2020 7 minute read comments Smoljanović

Publish0x User Account Reference Guide Publish0x Publishing Platform Publish0x is a crypto agnostic online publishing platform that rewards readers and authors for both reading and writing articles.  The platform provides an exponentially increasing...



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