Watch Me Rise

Watch Me Rise

By AtomCollector | Juxta | 2 Feb 2019

Watch Me Rise by Juxta

From the debut album "Juxta"

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Watch me rise

Watch me now as I rise
Push you out, my surprise
No more fear in the dark
Watch me bloom like the lark
At the dawn of the day
Looking forward time to play
You will not bring me down
All this courage I have found
I will do what I want
I don't care what you think
Now is my time
Watch you shrink
Wither and die
The hold that you had on me was so bad
But then I broke free and as you can see
I have love in my heart
Now is my time
To start my life afresh
In case you haven't guessed
There is no room for you
I will do what I must do
The traces of your stench
Will be gone as I wrench
As I throw you to the wolves
And I hope that I cause you more pain than you dealt
All those years that I knelt
At your alter of hate
But that is not my fate
As I bid you farewell
I'm sure you can tell
It's time to give up
You evil little f***


More about Juxta:

Genre agnostic singer/songwriter from the UK with influences including: Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Motorhead, Bjork & The Buzzcocks.



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Industrial Post-Punk Musician amongst other things.

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