No Point Cryin`

No Point Cryin`

By AtomCollector | Juxta | 15 Apr 2019


From the first album recorded with a full band. The whole album was recorded at rehearsals with just a couple of ZOOM microphones. I then over dubbed vocals in my home studio. Expertly mastered by The Turtle Project with thanks!

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Well I told you this would happen
But its out of our control
There's nothing we can do
But watch it all go

'cos it's the final hour of the final day for us
We ruined everything and now it's all turned to dust
Yeah the world will carry on even though we're dyin'
But there's no point cryin'

Too smart for our own good
We thought we'd last forever
Our egos drove us on thinking we're so clever
We like to call it progress but we ignored the cost
We destroyed it all
Everything we had is lost

Yeah the world will carry on even though we're dyin'
But there's no point cryin'


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