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By Joe Jutjutjut | Jutjutjut | 12 Oct 2021

I actually started collecting 2X2 coin from because it gives the highest value a few weeks ago. Since I already collected hundreds of it, I wanted to change it into the coins that I HODL. So I went to coingecko and coingecko shows that 2X2 can be traded to BTC in an exchange called Crex24. I think Crex24 is a centralized exchange (CEX). So I registered an account in Crex24 and withdraw my 2X2 from The charges are 5.00000000 2X2 per withdrawal, which is equivalent to about 5 satoshi right now. It is not instant, I forgot to timed it, but less than one day the coins gets into my Crex24 account. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to trade 2X2 at the market price or below market price because I can't see any buy order. In fact, I didn't manage to sell my 2X2 at all (if you guys have any tips about this, let me know in the comments below).

Order 2X2 in Crex24

However, I found another section which picks my interest the most, the faucet section. just realized the faucet in crex24 is quite good, especially in its apps. I particularly like the MTB, BTT and CHEESE faucet. The available faucets pays in different periods, for example every 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 14 hours. The faucets also changing everyday, sometimes you see the coin, sometimes it has been replaced by other coins, it doesn't bother me much though. You can claim from the faucet in the web version or the apps version, but the apps version is much better because it unlocks a few more higher value coins. Typically in the web version, you need to fill in captcha, and it will also skips a few captcha for you. In the apps version, sometimes it shows advertisement. Since there are may faucets operating in parallel manner, I was afraid it could be confusing. Crex24 however made it looks easy to solve this problem, by using different colour or active and inactive button. The remaining period until you can claim again is also shown clearly, which I like very much. The simple UI showing your asset in the account section is also to be admired, where you can remove the asset which you don't have and arrange the assets you have ascending/descending according to its value. Give it a try, it's free after all. Good luck, have fun, have a nice day!

P/S: when login using the apps, make sure you don't use password manager such as samsung pass, because it won't let you in. Either you remember the password and type it or copy & paste. This problem has blocked me for more than a week from using the apps.

The faucet in Crex24

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