4 News From This Week You Should Know (18 to 24 May)

4 News From This Week You Should Know (18 to 24 May)

By McAlex7 | justsomenews | 24 May 2020

Once again an interesting week, and today you might discover things you never suspected. We are going to talk about different news mainly about Bitcoin and less usual ones, like Publish0x 100.000 members milestone for example. Between huge statement and the possible "return" of Satoshi Nakamoto we were well served this week. Let's now dive into it. 

1. The Central Bank of France tested a digital currency in a blockchain :


It is indeed quite a declaration, other countries showed interest in cryptocurrencies a while ago like China who are developing their numerical Yuan, or USA with an blockchain Application for the elections, and more (Venezuela, South Korea,...), and it seems that France has joined the ship. On May 14 the CBF did a test on a numerical currency linked to a blockchain and according to them it was a success, they envisage to pursue the development of this currency.

Since the beginning of the year, the CBF has been exploring the potential contributions of new technologies, the objective here is to improve the functioning of financial markets and especially the interbank settlements. In the future weeks more experiments will be realized to optimize this digital currency project, once again this news confirms the current tendency of governments to develop numerical currency based on cryptocurrency's technology. 

2. The hypothesis of the return of Satoshi :


I mentioned it earlier and yes people might have some clues to state that Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's founder, made his comeback. Everyday a lot of people are making research in order to find informations about this mysterious character that is Satoshi, if the last time it was about a 20 year old article evoking the idea of Bitcoin, this time it is a suspicious transaction. On Wednesday 50 Bitcoins have been moved from a certain wallet, nothing surprising you might think it's just a whale making a transaction, but this wallet was actually "asleep" since February 2009. 

The catch is all in the date, indeed Bitcoin was launched on the 3rd of January 2009, and this wallet was inactive since.. February 2009. Having 50 BTC on a wallet just after the release of Bitcoin and this 11 years of inactivity triggered a huge wave of speculation concerning the person owning this wallet, and a lot came to the conclusion that it could be Satoshi, it would finally suggest his return. But it's only a speculation, indeed even if the number of miners counted on the fingers of one hand at the time, it could be a Bitcoin pioneer who just finally decided to sell its outcome, however the mystery remained unsolved.

3. Another Bitcoin News, the 10 years anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day :


If you're new in the cryptocurrency world you might not know the origin of this day or even its existence, let me explain to you what does it consist. Bitcoin has a lot of important dates, 3rd of January for its creation, 31st of October for the White Book, or in this case on the 22nd of May, 10 years ago the first official purchase with Bitcoins was made. 

Why Bitcoin Pizza Day ? I think you guessed it but it's because this transaction concerned Pizzas, Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizzas at Papa John's (around $25) for 10.000 Bitcoins, yeah indeed he bought 2 simple pizzas for 10k Bitcoins which today equivalent is $91.000.000, crazy right ? It shows how much Bitcoin & cryptocurrency have accomplished since this first exchange, beyond all the story and the fun fact it represents the start of a crazy ride which is still going on today. 

4. Publish0x also had a great event this week : the 100.000 members cap :


Indeed this week the project managed to reach 100.000 users on its platform, like they said it's a big milestone and the best is yet to come. Since the beginning of the platform the numbers of authors and tipers never stopped increasing, right now it's the second biggest behind Steemit. In order to commemorate this event they decided to do few things. First I think you noticed it but they increased the reward of 30% from May 19 to May 26, and they also decided to make a writing contest and giveaways.

The Contest is simple write about your favorites authors on the platform for $100 in DAI split between the 10 they will select, then a Twitter giveaway with $70 in DAI split between people who tweet about Publish0x (with specific conditions), and finally they will choose 30 people who joined their Telegram group chat and give to each of them $1. All in all it shows that Publish0x is evolving and in the right direction, we will see what future holds for us but I hope the best is yet to come !


i'm alex and i'm here to bring you news, informations and some of my knowledge about the cryptocurrency world !


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