Men and Money

By Justino | An Angle of Truth | 14 Nov 2023

I'll approach this from a human nature angle. Let's first ask ourselves, what our relationship with money is. How do you act when you have it and when you don't. What influences your joy and happiness?
I believe my relationship with money is better than what it was because I started going through a process called self awareness.

I believe, in general, money is tied to our identity as human beings - so it makes sense that money can change an individual, especially a man, who sometimes are the gatekeepers of it, because the systems that create that money is built by them and inadvertently for them.


Whatever your personal opinions of Christian Scripture is, it mentions, the love of money is the root of all evil. Key word, love, which is an attachment to it. Another key word, evil. Look at the evil we have today - it's a lack of empathy and compassion. Much of it is an unhealthy attachment to money. This would show itself in being mean after a promotion, and in various ways - pride, entitlement, arrogance, narcissism, you name it.
There's a reason Christian Scripture has these principles. It was written by individuals who studied patterns of what works and what doesn't. It's a Book worth meditating on.

Self Awareness

I started with meditation - practicing being in the present moment. A few weeks in, I started to be more aware of my actions. Then my thoughts followed in relation to my emotions that influenced my actions.

This led me to reflect on What and Why I thought certain ways about myself, about others, about life, about money. I realized most of my largely negative thoughts and views were heavily influenced by others. I could pinpoint who exactly these people were and what could have influenced them.

The next question was: so what are my thoughts about this situation? In essence, I wanted to become more positive about things, about life, about myself because this influences how you treat people - yourself and others.


This journey led me to research about people who've experienced life til 90years. What views did they come to, in the end? What led them to lead happier lives, especially when they didn't have the money or power, when life didn't work out?
You'll notice many inspiring individuals are all self aware of the actions they took in the past. I was so inspired by them that I wrote an ebook. And to this day, I still practice meditation, whether it's in nature or in the silence of the morning. I've realized it calms me down when I'm upset.
I've noticed my intuition is on another level.I'm more understanding of different characters.
I'm more open to experiencing different ways of doing things, to sharing my faults.
I have a more abundant mindset when it comes to money - after all, it comes and goes.
Relationships with human beings is what's more important - with yourself, with others, with your God.
I'm not perfect - mastery is journey, not a destination, but there's improvement. I believe any negative action and belief system involving money, that leads to a lack of empathy and compassion is a lack of self awareness.


How do you help someone become more self aware? Tell them in a gentle, firm way how their negative actions have an impact on you and those around you. If they listen, good. If they don't, you've stated what was going to come out eventually.

This applies to you too - challenge yourself about how you treat others, and where it stems from.

Find mentorship, whether online or offline, a friend or an individual you don't know personally. There's always something to learn from, including the senior generation who've experienced life.

Know Thyself

The views expressed here are my own as I'm not a psychologist or a financial expert.

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