Your next yolo, two most undervalued altcoin with huge potential in 2021

2 Undervalued altcoin projects for your next YOLO!

By Arsh Verma | just Hodl It | 28 Mar 2021

Are you Hunting for the most undervalued cryptocurrencies to add to your portfolio in 2021?

Here are two of my favourite Tokens with high chances of success and high returns*.


HVE2 (Uhive Token)

Almost a 3-year-old project with more than 300,000 global users, this project is about to take off in 2021. Recently, after getting listed on exchanges like Latoken and ProBit, it's the right time opportunity to grab a bite. Disrupting conventional social media platforms space, Uhive works by giving the user the front seat and rewarding them for their valuable time. 

Uhive Branding

It uses its HVE2 Token - to create revenue streams that include peer-to-peer transactions, sale of NFTs, and interest-based advertising, as well as the sale of in-app digital assets.

The core idea is binding the economics to the quality of content on the platform so that users earn for their great content. The token powers all of the platform's transactions, or can be even exchanged for a cryptocurrency exchange for traditional currency or other digital currencies. All these reasons result in a social media platform that doesn't auction off its users' data to the highest bidder. 

If you decide to use the platform signup with this link to get 100 tokens for a headstart or Use this code: VMC1A4


BAT (Brave browser)

Brave launched the Basic Attention Token (BAT) in May 2017 with the aim to introduce a new online advertising and revenue sharing model. Since then it has successfully grown out to become the beast in browser space and around 25 million users. It's simple AF to get BAT just download the browser, allow “Brave Advertising” in the browser network, and get ad notification when you visit the web to get free BAT.

Brave Branding

You can also buy it on all the major exchanges. It's a project that proved its worth with every year passing and being adopted by industry giants as their advertisement means. Currently, BAT is at an all-time high of around 1.02$ which is only expected to increase in the coming months, if you are looking for the crypto you can hold, BAT is certainly one of the best choices.


Final verdict:

Both of these projects are ones with huge potential and can result in a fortune for long term holders and early adopters, they both share a common goal of user's privacy and creating an ecosystem in which you earn your attention.


*This article is solely written for educational purpose and shouldn't be taken as financial advice.

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