Why Ethereum is My Biggest Bet For 2020 and Beyond

By h00li | JustDoEth | 17 Jul 2019

So what’s my big bet for 2020? I have a few actually. First, Bitcoin will likely cross $20,000. Second, Ethereum will surge in price, adoption and development, and a select few altcoins will be come to be seen as major investment opportunities. 


I think we can agree that, even if other projects are making headway, Ethereum is still the top choice as a smart contract platform. Development may be a bit too slow for its investors, but the solutions developers are working on are staggering in their implications for the network. 


My biggest argument for an Ethereum price explosion in 2020 is the fact that development on Casper and Sharding will be making great progress. Unfortunately, this has been delayed a bit and we should only see a full release from 2021 and onwards. However, the wait would be worth it. Because it brings proof-of-stake consensus to Ethereum, which is a big deal.


Ethereum is Building a Foundation

There are other equally important reasons why it’s going to be a big deal. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has an astonishing array of companies as its members, and these names are nothing to scoff at. Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase (say what you will about them), Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and SO MANY MORE. It’s astonishing. 

Some of these companies are already building tools and applications on top of Ethereum, like Ernst & Young, which has created a privacy centric tool. Microsoft is super keen on blockchain technology and has released a development toolkit for Ethereum developers on its cloud platform, Azure. 


When you consider that most of the top 100 coins by market cap are also built on Ethereum, that gives you an even greater sense of how important the Ethereum network is to the cryptocurrency market. 

Being such a core technology, I think Etehreum stands to become something of a foundation for whatever it built from here on out. Development and adoption on competing platforms, like EOS and TRON, simply cannot compete with Ethereum.


Ethereum does have challenges ahead of it. I think once the major tech upgrades take place, a killer dapp will have to be made to get Ethereum noticed in the wider world.  

So, to summarize, the sheer weight of support behind Ethereum from major established players and the vision that developers put it on a path towards global domination as a decentralized cloud computing platform. This is combination with some upcoming major technical improvements bodes really well for the project. 

And I think is coinciding perfectly with the expansion of blockchain technology in general and a greater legitimization of crypto and blockchain in the eyes of the masses. 

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