Let the Dividends Roll- Introducing One of Tron's Newest Dapps, TronRoll

Let the Dividends Roll- Introducing One of Tron's Newest Dapps, TronRoll

I still am not completely sure why, but I keep getting added to Telegram groups for new Tron dapps.  Yesterday I got another pleasant surprise- Tronroll.  

Tronroll's goal, as stated in their white paper, is "to produce the first self sustaining ROI experiment on the Tron Mainnet."  Well that's a nice claim, but how they plan to do that is clearly they key question.

To begin, Tronroll is currently preselling 5% of the total supply of Tronroll tokens, which will amount to 250 million.  Any unsold coins in the presale will be burned.  Tokens are priced at 1 token for 0.5 tron on their website.  I purchased 30 tokens from tronwatch.market at a rate of 0.35 trx.  From discussions in their channel, Roll will apply for exchanges in 14 days.  It’s estimated that 10 roll tokens will be worth 20 tron.  That’s a healthy return at the current price on tronwatch.  Furthermore, 95% of the supply of roll tokens will remain locked up in mining the blockchain casino, which should help roll’s value  

Tronroll offers a daily dividend for stake holders, as documented in their white paper.  Dividends will be funded from deposit profits (60%) and blockchain casino mining (30).  I asked in their Troncity telegram channel, "Who is mining what?"  The response from the owner was that there will be a dice section of the casino for mining.  The presale of tokens will not be recurring before each round of the game.

Moving on to the 'sustainability' section of the white paper, Tronroll states something I totally agree with and think is somewhat unique in many investment games: "The key to being sustainable is not promising a fixed RoI."  Instead, Tronroll's ROI will adjust based on growth rates. In addition, depositing gives stakeholder voting power to determine the settings of a round. Ultimately, giving the power to the users is an interesting proposition. User's with high ROI rates may be asked to return 10% if the status of the pool becomes unhealthy, in order to resume their position. 

Similar to many games on the Tron network, Roll will operate on a smart contract.  I asked if the contract will be audited.  Ownership responded that the smart contract would be as open sourced as possible.  Roll's referral system is 4% of deposit fees.  

To conclude I want to add a disclaimer I often see from Tronlink- "Always check the genuineness of websites/system/contract/token/dapp."  "Do your own research before participating in any dapp/game."

11/18 update: Tronroll ownership was kind enough to review the first version and suggest corrections to points I misunderstood!!  


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