Is a SCAM!!??!!

Is STELLARF.COM a SCAM??!!?? Because I think so!

By raftoral | Just my Blog | 22 Oct 2020

Hi all!

How are the things going?

I've been checking this web site for a few days and I think it's a clear scam. They offer 100 STR (=XLM) when you register up to this December as welcome bonus. They also have a referral program. If you want to sign you up using my referral link (, both of us will get 100 STR up to December.

All of this is the standard way of getting new users. But the problem appears when the web says:

Dear StellarF users,

After registration, Please waiting for the admin to check and generate your Stellar Public Key…
To active, receive and withdraw your STR token, send at least 5 lumen (XLM) to Your Stellar Public Key with any memo.
Once the payment is received, the wallet will be activated and you will be able to use it to interact with Stellar Network (create a trustline, send, receive and withdraw your STR token)

ATTENTION: If your Stellar Wallet is not activated within 30 days, it may be deleted by StellarF to limit cheat accounts.

You’ve sent 5 XLM to your Stellar Public Key but have not been updated? click here for faster update
100 STR Welcome bonus will be transferred to your Stellar Wallet.
You can export Your Stellar Private Key when the mainnet launches(in Q4 2020).
The withdrawal form will be added to your profile in the next updates.
Good things take time and bigger things are coming in Q4 2020.
Just be patient.

Thank you!

StellarF Team

So, the account includes a Stellar Wallet but you don't have your private key (only have got the public key) up to send at least 5XLM to it. From my point of view, this is clearly a scam because there's not any warranty you'll get your private key and withdraw your balance.

By the way, I try to find any information about this web on Internet but I have found nothing.

What do you think? Is a it SCAM!!??!! Please, comment and will see what all of us think about it.

Thanks and cheers!!!

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