Google Deep Dream/Deep Style Transfer


Hi Everyone! Today Im showing you all a photo that I plugged into googles deep dream software. My original photo was this-


So when you go to the website to use the software, You plug in a picture and will have a choice between deep style transfer, thin style transfer, and deep dream. You also will have a choice of styles on the style transfers as well as the option to upload your own style. If you choose deep dream, then you have some choices of what dream to apply to your photo, and also to continue to add inceptions. The results are quite out of the ordinary I assure you. 

Also you can adjust the settings on your final image, such as the size of the style that is transfered, and the resolution such as HD. I plan to write a tutorial on the settings very soon. For now, go give googles deep dream software a spin. Its free and its on your browser at Look me up while your there, under  Andrea B. *~*DigiBamArt*~* to see more of my dream photos :)

Have a fabulous day PublishOx!


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Artist That Has Fallen Madly In Love With Creating NFTs back in 2019. Created Digital Artworks since 2002.

Just a AI Art Love Affair
Just a AI Art Love Affair

Ive created art for most of my life, and jumped in head over heals into the digital art evolution in 2002 with psp pro and animation shop. Nowadays the possibilities are endless for creating amazing works of Art. Grateful to be a part of the creative community.

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