WAX is the blockchain for mainstream video gaming and entertainment

WAX is the blockchain for mainstream video gaming and entertainment

By Jumble | Jumble | 11 Jun 2020


Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) protocol made for video gaming and entertainment applications. WAX lets you easily trade a digital asset or a physical item immediately and securely.

WAX facts

  • the WAX network operates independently
  • the WAX token is $WAXP
  • WAX uses the EOSIO blockchain protocol for smart contracts
  • WAX is the fourth most active blockchain
  • there are more than 500K WAX wallets.

Why developers select the WAX blockchain

  • easy onboarding
  • the best wallet user experience (UX)
  • gamers can play applications on WAX without crypto
  • the WAX network is low cost, fast, and reliable
  • the governance method for WAX uses an Inspector General
  • a multi-million-dollar developer grant program operated by WAX labs
  • the WAX team is dedicated to

              *continuously supporting projects

              *growing the platform

  • a developer portal with a full suite of blockchain-based tools



              *code samples

Current dApps on WAX

At this time there are 39 dApps available in the WAX blockchain. The table below shows the number of dApps in different categories. Links to get to the website for the dApps in the list are below. For a complete list dApps on WAX click DdappRadar or DappReview.


Below are links to find more information about WAX



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