MEDIBLOC - The Great Step towards a Global Health (Blockchain)

By Juan Molina | Juan Molina | 5 Oct 2019

Medical specialties have been developed in the last centuries since the establishment of modern medicine. According to the parts of the body affected by some pathology, efforts to provide well-being and health should be emphasized. For this the precursors had to face the prejudices of the established society and religious beliefs of that time. In the underground bright minds had to do their anatomy practices with bodies obtained from the desecration of graves. Acts considered dantescos by the laws, civil and religious authorities. Many were the questions. Geniuses such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo had a special interest in human anatomy. The dissection of corpses to study the body and its structure were considered acts of sacrilege.
It was they who laid the foundations of medicine so that centuries later we could take advantage of the fruits.


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Always, to achieve important advances the human being has had to defy the established standards.

With the passage of time, humanity has had to face health crises that have reduced the world population. Pandemics ended millions of lives.

Natural borders, oceans and mountains, long distances to travel with precarious means of transport, were immense obstacles that prevented consensus and further progress.

Facing all these adversities, medicine emerged. Immense amounts of valuable medical information were accumulated but without the technological resources to be shared and accessed the evolution was slow.

Today we have unimaginable advances in health. World organizations have been formed with the intention of seeking solutions to the diseases that continue to affect humanity. Viruses evolve, become resistant to treatments. As the man had in his hands the advances of technology, one of the areas most benefited has been precisely medicine.


With the appearance of the internet the borders were over and with the blockchain, the internet became superlative.

Now it is possible for medical specialists to share their knowledge regardless of their geographical location. With a simple video conference we can form a guild of brilliant minds that can work as a team to meet the new clinical pictures that arise and expand as a result of globalization.

Tons of medical information is generated at every moment. It would be a giant step and a medical tool of epic proportions, to have access to all that anamnesis.

Imagine a decentralized platform of worldwide scale and easy access that gathers the medical records of a large number of patients, with different pathologies, races, ages, gender, social conditions, geographical location, nationalities ...


The most immediate scope that we can deduce would be that doctors from the same city can share the medical history of a patient. But if we see it from a broader perspective, the possibilities are endless.
Of course, as in the past we must also face certain prejudices, rules, laws and regulations that regulate access to this type of information. And even economic interests are involved.


Should the clinical data and anamnesis information only be in the hands of the patients and the group of medical professionals directly involved with the cases? Is it prudent to publish personal information about a patient's health status? Does not this violate the human rights of people?


These are questions that we must face when we raise the possibility of a world-scale system that functions as a medical data bank. Assuming that the benefits for humanity would be of unquantifiable proportions, this proposal would be totally justified.
And in fact it is thus, MediBloc raises precisely this. And I really must confess that the proposal fell in love with me.

MediBloc for Patients

The benefits of this platform for doctors and the science of medicine are evident. But medical science advances is precisely with a specific objective: The welfare of patients.

A person suffering from a disease must often request the services and knowledge of different specialists to comprehensively address the solution to their condition. So every time you meet with a doctor, he asks for a series of laboratory tests, tomographies, x-rays and studies to be able to have real knowledge of the medical condition and thus take action prescribing the relevant medications and treatments. Consequently, the patient must perform all these tests again and again, which translates into expenses and reduces the immediacy required in the response time. When we talk about health we must act fast.

With MediBloc, health specialists could immediately access the patient's medical history and without the need to repeat tests they could have an accurate diagnosis of the patient's condition, thus reducing the response time and attacking the causes of the condition.


There are many advantages and applications of this novel system, for example, in situations of natural catastrophes we find a large number of affected people who are transferred to health centers. It would be very important for the doctors to have immediate access to the medical records of the wounded, knowing their blood type, allergies, medical history, and hematological diseases (HIV). The attention would be made with greater immediacy.

Legal Limitations

To makeMediBloc work, the patient must authorize their personal information to be placed on a platform that provides global access. In this part we find disjunctives regarding the right of people to share their medical history and condition. There are legal regulations that vary depending on the country where we are located. For example, in the USA, there is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which in its privacy clauses limits access to people's health information.


Aware of this legal framework, MediBloc developed a privacy policy that covers all sensitive aspects regarding access to personal information.


"MediBloc complies with the data privacy regulations under the Act on Promotion of
Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection,
Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Personal
Information Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations that apply to information
and communications service providers. MediBloc is committed to protecting
the interests of its members, which for the purposes of this policy will also include
users who are not yet registered members, ("Members") by establishing this privacy policy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. "


Quote from MediBloc Privacy Policy


As in the past, the MediBloc project would have to defy established standards facing this type of adversity. We would raise the controversy of the right of patients about their own information.

MediBloc implements a system of levels of access to information, which are established by the patients themselves. Where the owner of the information can authorize close relatives for disclosure in case of emergencies in which the patient is in limited conditions.


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MediBloc for Physicians

Medical professionals are constantly updating themselves. Studying and learning new techniques and methods are prepared to meet the clinical conditions and pathologies that arise every day. Developing new treatments for diseases, knowing first hand unusual cases, are opportunities for personal and professional growth. With the help of MediBloc, a doctor can have immediate access to thousands of real conditions and pathologies first hand that only see in theory, if not for this type of platform.

The research departments of the hospitals would find in MediBloc a whole range of cases that would be like the raw material to develop their knowledge.

Returning to the subject of the right of people to share their private medical information, we must remember that thanks to many visionaries and altruistic beings who have given their body to science, invaluable advances in medical science were achieved.


From this point of view we could consider that a person who authorizes his medical history to be accessed by professionals and research institutes, would be contributing in a very valuable way with the development of the global community and of humanity in general.


It is the present and the future of the global community. For this reason, it is easy to deduce that the implementation of such a great ecosystem as MediBloc, which involves patients, doctors, research institutes, insurance companies, hospitals, would have to work in a MainNet developed on this platform.

Talking about Blockchain is talking about security and privacy. Exactly the two sensitive factors when we talk about medical data.

MediBloc promises the privacy of the data provided by patients, to the point that ensures the total destruction of the same in case the patient decided to withdraw from MainNet. The data is encrypted so that it is the hash value of the data that goes to the blockchain, thus the data is stored in a distributed network outside the chain of blocks protected with a private key, which gives it ownership and access exclusive to the individual.

Development of Dapps

The MediBloc MainNet offers its own SDK that includes a set of tools such as libraries, development documentation, code samples, guides, etc., which allows developers to significantly reduce the workload when creating applications on the MediBloc platform. They can offer applications to doctors, research institutes and insurance companies in order to integrate into the ecosystem.

For example, they could offer anamnesis catalogs and physical exams by specialty, create history types according to the professional style, incorporate the patient's photograph to the history as well as complementary images (radiology, tomography, among others.), Online vademecum, issuance of laboratory exams, radiology and cardiology, issuance of records, issuance of reports with predefined templates, control of the professional scale, agreements with insurance companies, medical statistics and appointment control. In addition, they could be integrated with the clinic system.


All this providing essential features such as blockchain status search, transaction creation / visualization and data processing function that can store medical data efficiently and safely in the format used in the medical field. It also allows you to include in your Dapps the verification of health professionals through the creation and administration of certificates.


MEDX is the ERC20 token of MediBloc.

This cryptomoneda of the MediBloc platform will pay for the services provided to health professionals and organizations that join the ecosystem. But it will also serve to reward and motivate the participation of patients who own the medical data. In this way it is expected to increase and enrich the database thus capturing more potential users and more contributions. Of course, all applications developed on the MainNet must exchange this token. As the platform develops, the MEDX token will take more value and thus obtain greater liquidity within all exchanges.





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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

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