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Boot Camp Week 3, Technical Recap

By Mike Bivens | Journey to Web3 | 28 Feb 2022

I'm splitting up what has been the week-end recaps into two separate posts to help differentiate the content and because I think these two posts may appeal to different people and the content is increasing as we proceed further into the boot camp. So, welcome to the technical recap for the Journey to Web3 blog. If you're new here, I'm on a journey from a sort of coding newbie to working in web3. I'm writing this blog to help myself understand what I'm learning better and to help others see how somebody else made it. I'm currently going through Coding Dojo's part-time accelerated boot camp and working my way through their Web Fundamentals track, with one week before I move on to their Python Full Stack. 

In the technical recap I'm going to cover all of the concepts I learned this past week and if you see something wrong, please feel free to correct me. This is called public learning for a reason. 



This function sets another function to initiate after a set period of time. 

function codeforlater() {
    for (var i=0; i<100; i++) {
        console.log("running: " + i)

setTimeout(codeforlater, 1000);


This function takes affect when something changes for example from a select tag in the HTML.

function pickone(element) {
    console.log("Your choice is " + element.value)


This function will let us set an event to occur as input is provided somewhere else.

function setName(element) {
    namehere.innerText = element.value;

In addition, the following material was reviewed;

  • Conditionals 
    • Booleans and Comparison Operators 
    • else and else if
    • Logical and Logical Or
    • Modulo Operator 
  • Loops
    • increment and decrement operators
    • for and while loops


There was a brief introduction to using the terminal as well as different commands for navigation and use, including;

  • Present Working Directory: pwd
  • List files: ls
  • List files (long form): ls -1
  • List all files (long form): ls -a
  • Changing to the current directory: cd .
  • Changing the parent directory: cd . . 
  • Changing to the root directory: cd /
  • Changing to any folder: cd folder_name
  • Making a new folder: mkdir new_directory_name
  • Delete an empty directory(folder): rm directory_name
  • Delete a non-empty directory(folder): rm -rf directory_name
  • Creating a new file: touch index.html
  • Removing a file: rm index.html
  • Renaming/Moving a file: mv index.html new_name_index.html
  • Copying a file: cp index.html copy.html
  • Copying a directory: cp -rf directory_name copy_ddirectory_name
  • Opening current directory in your GUI: open .

What's Next? 

This is the final week of web fundamentals for the boot camp and that means diving deeper into JavaScript and starting to work with algorithms. I've managed to clear a near-perfect score (self brag) on the exam I am required to take to pass this portion and following this week I will be entering the Python stack. In addition to the regular practice and homework assignments to improve my coding skills, I've started working on my portfolio page to replace the one I've built on SquareSpace with its drag-and-drop mechanics. 

Reflecting on the progress I've made so far regarding technical skills, I am actually very impressed with myself. I had a fair amount of concern entering the JavaScript portion of the program because in my prior self directed studies this has been the portion where I have dropped off and without having a community and structured environment I faced challenges in receiving feedback and improving but I've thus far succeeded in surpassing prior points of inhibition. 

Now, it'll be time to put these skills really to the test.

If you'd like to join the learning community I'm building on Discord. I'm trying to build a space for myself and others to share their developing knowledge of all things web3. You can find the link for that here.

You can also find me here:

LinkedIn | GitHub | Twitter |  My Website 

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Mike Bivens

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Journey to Web3
Journey to Web3

I am using this blog to talk about my experiences from pre-software development boot camp towards entering the Web3 ecosystem. I'll share thoughts and what I'm learning, reflect on the journey, and share informational interviews for others to follow along.

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