The First Social Platform For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts...
The First Social Platform For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts...

The First Social Platform For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts...



The First Social Platform For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts...


TORUM is a crypto-centered social media platform where people who want to follow life closely, experts share their ideas, and companies that want to implement various projects with the power of blockchain technology come together.

With TORUM, you can actively follow life and enjoy socializing, while at the same time you will earn gifts and XTM tokens on the platform by doing fun tasks. You can create your own community on the topic you want. So you can create a clan that you will bring together with the same thoughts as you. Within the clan, you can write articles, share your thoughts and exchange information.



Companies can use TORUM as a brand new marketing channel with various projects. They can spread their ideas to the right cryptocurrency communities, traditional social platforms full of non-crypto demographics, and develop their markets.

TORUM's entire ecosystem is powered by the Ethereum-based XTM token. It also acts as the only cryptocurrency to be used in all kinds of transactions, making contributions, donations and payments in the entire ecosystem. Thus, the backbone of the ecosystem is designed to maximize.

Own cryptocurrency exchange XTORUM. Platforms were created by connecting TORUM and XTORUM to XTORUM exchange with closed loop ecosystem. For each account registered in TORUM, the specific user is automatically provided with an account on XTORUM Exchange.


TORUM aims to become an industry standard in the crypto space. For instance, the internet has Facebook and Twitter as general social media platforms, LinkedIn as a main business and employment-oriented social platform, Reddit as a mainstream social news aggregator and Tumblr as a microblogging platform, etc.

TORUM aspires to become the primary choice of social media and connecting platform used by every cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain technologist across the world.

TORUM's Clan System, the Creator is free to discover their creativity and create their own creativity.

Under a Clan there are three unique features it can use

Thread; Allows clan moderators to create and interact with threads.
For example:
You can write with the content style content feature, organize a panel discussion or AMA session, and organize your award program.
Clan Chat Room (Server); When it comes to the clan chatroom, all members of a particular clan can communicate with each other instantly but in depth. Continuing news, developments, events, technological information, etc. they can question.
Company Association; Clans can be linked under Company Profiles to indicate a specific area. Its members, fans, and admirers can form the collaborative community that encourages siblings even more.


Dual Rewarding Mechanism Which Benefits

In a short run, TORUM is going to distribute 40% of its total token supply back to the ecosystem through its mission systems. The 400, 000, 000 XTM is expected to be claimed by the community within one year through the Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, Special Mission and One-Time Missions.

To add a twist to the tokenomics, TORUM has come up with two long-term plans to control the circulating supply of XTM: (i) Token Depository & (ii) XTM Buyback-and-Burn Mechanism.

Token Depository is a profit sharing initiative that allows the community to receive 10% share of TORUM’s quarterly profit by storing XTM into the ecosystem’s very own cryptobank. XTM Buyback-and-Burn is a continuous mechanism that involves buying back and burning XTM from the market every quarter until the total supply of XTM reaches 80%. Both measures will effectively limit the circulating and total supply of XTM, benefitting every XTM Hodler and ecosystem participant in the long run.



The First Ever Social Media Platform Bound to a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Even if XTM tokens are circulated in the ecosystem unlimitedly, can they be used as a tool if they have no monetary value? You can solve this problem by connecting a cryptocurrency exchange to the platform itself. TORUM users are allowed to deposit other cryptocurrencies to reload their XTM. They can trade and even withdraw their XTM whenever they want. TORUM's exchange, namely XTORUM, works like any other cryptocurrency exchange. It is an exchange with various updated features. However, XTORUM is built using the latest technology. It is the technology that can handle up to 10 million transactions per second. The change itself is extremely secure and requires any form of identity and authentication. Its users have procedures to comply with the latest AML and KYC regulations. For the convenience of the users, each social media account created on TORUM is automatically issued and linked with its XTORUM account. In return, XTORUM offers up to 50%.

The Future Development of TORUM

Genesis (Est. 2020 - 2021)

  • Private Beta, Beta and Official Launch of TORUM
  • Deployment of Murots, Support System and XTM Buyback-and-Burn Mechanism
  • Forming the largest ecosystem partnership network in Malaysia

Exorsus (Est. 2021)

  • Official launch of TORUM and XTORUM app
  • Deployment of GIF Murots, Animated Sticker Merchandise and Token Depository
  • 100, 000 Number of Users For Critical Mass Effect

Crescentia (Est. 2021)

  •  XTM becoming one of the top 100 largest market cap cryptocurrencies
  • Deployment of Advertising Bidding system and TORUM’s Cryptocurrency Marketplace
  • 1.000.000 Number of Users For Network Effect

Maturitas (Est. 2022)

  • XTM becoming one of the top 50 largest market cap cryptocurrencies
  • Design of a new consensus mechanism
  • Deployment of TORUM Blockchain Testing (Testnet)

Concordia (Est. 2023)

  • XTM becoming one of the top 10 largest market cap cryptocurrencies
  • Deployment of TORUM Chain
  • Expansion of ecosystem to other related field


Strong team behind Torum






I like the TORUM social platfrom. It is in continuous development. You can be in constant communication with the team. You can get answers to your questions quickly. It will be mentioned a lot in 2021.

As I always said, listen to everyone, decide for yourself ...

Take care until you meet again ...


One of you “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean
Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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