Is  Kryptomon The New Axie Infinity ... ?

Is Kryptomon The New Axie Infinity ... ?


The concept of metaverse has become very popular nowadays. This concept, which we started to hear in 2021, started to show itself in all areas of life in 2022. It seems that we will shape our lives accordingly in the future. This is not just a trend in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets … It will take time to reach a certain saturation … International companies have started to compete to become the market leader in the Metaverse world …

In short, Welcome to the Metaverse Era ...

The most important building blocks that help the development of the metaverse concept are games. Its popular names are PlayToEarn, GameFi, …

People see games as their entry point into the Metaverse...

I would like to tell you about a GameFi game that you haven't heard of yet, but which, in my opinion, is a candidate to be the most important alternative to Axie Infinity...

Here comes Kryptomon (KMON) …




Kryptomon (KMON); Pokemon is a GameFi platform that blends the prominent aspects of CryptoKitties games into its own world. Thanks to this blending, the Kryptomon game characters created as NFT have emerged. It is currently sold at high prices on the Binance NFT market. The highest-selling Kryptomon egg is $50,000.


You are responsible for feeding, educating, briefly everything your Kryptomon hatched from the eggs you have taken… Every positive touch you make increases the level of Kryptomon.


What exactly is the cryptomon game?




Kryptomon (KMON); It is a new NFT Digital pet game based on BNB Chain that blends the cute and addictive gameplay of Tamagotchi with the intense strategy of Pokémon battles. In Kryptomon you will take care of your own digital monster named "kryptomon" and train them to become the strongest cryptomon in the Metaverse…

If you want to raise your own Kryptomon to higher levels in the game, you need to level up the following 9 basic features.

Constitution; This trait tells the kryptomon's ability to resist sickness and its recovery speed.

Affection; This trait tells how much a kryptomon needs attention and care.

Craziness; This trait tells the kryptomon's mental state, and how much it affects its ability to obey orders.

Instinct; This trait tells the kryptomon's aptitude in battle.

Hunger; This trait tells the kryptomon's appetite, it dictates how much that kryptomon wants to eat.

Laziness; This trait tells the level of motivation that the kryptomon has.

Brave; This trait tells the spirit of the kryptomon to face danger or pain without showing fear.

Smart; This trait tells the intelligence of the kryptomon which largely affects its effectiveness in all activities.

Ego; This trait tells the kryptomon's mindset toward its opponent, this influences its eagerness in training.


What are the character types you want to be in the game… ?


The Trainer; You will be coaching your kryptomon to reach its highest level.

The Breeder; You can be a breeder genius geneticist. They are experts in reproduction and heredity. It is to use the genotype of the cryptomony as a component of the perfect cryptomons.

The Trader; You can be a maestro when it comes to the economy. They read and analyze the state of the market and act accordingly to get the most profit from it.

The Collector; The collector is a cryptomonan expert, they like to collect different types of cryptomony. From the usual House of Commons to the elusive Supers, they will definitely find them all.

The Manager; is a well-intentioned person. They often lend their cryptomons to those who can't buy it for themselves. It is to help them both buy their own cryptomon with their earnings.

Make up your mind … Which character is right for you … ?

The developers of many GameFi platforms on the market appear anonymously. If the project shows serious progress, maybe the team introduces itself… but this is different in Kryptomon… The team has revealed themselves since the beginning of the project. Most of the team consists of successful people in the blockchain technology and gaming industry. You can examine them all… This shows the seriousness of the project…

As of now, the size of the Kryptomon community is…




The native token of the Kryptomon platform is $KMON. It can be obtained from the official website of Kryptomon. You can also get PancakeSwap, It is an established token in the BNB Chain ecosystem. By staking KMON from Kryptomon's official website, you can earn candies that you can use in-game.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 KMON



Source by CoinGecko


It crashed like new projects to the market. Investors who wanted to profit from pre-sales had sales. As of now, I think that the community will increase and the stock market listings will start to move.

My Last Words; I think 2022 will be very productive for Metaverse and GameFi. I am investing in line with this thought. As a very good prediction, I think Kryptomon will be a good alternative to Axie Infinity. Especially hacking in the Ronin Chain can accelerate this. I made the investment costing $0.03. I expect great developments in about a year. I don't play the GameFi games I've invested in. I do detailed basic reviews, follow the social media platforms and look at the shares and comments of the users. Gaming can be fun, it can also make money, but it turns into a fanaticism for most players. They forget their investor identity…

My strategy; Examine, decide, invest, wait, get your earnings when the time comes...


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