Is Biswap The New PancakeSwap ... ?

Is Biswap The New PancakeSwap ... ?


Last week there was movement in the Decentralized Exchange DeFi industry. We have heard news that a new player is listed on many exchanges. In a few days, there was a 400% increase in its price.

The name of the decentralized exchange is biswap (BSW) ...

It may be a Decentralized DeFi project that many of you have heard of for the first time...

I've been following for about 6 months... I think it's time to write an article about biswap (BSW) ....

Launched about a year ago, biswap (BSW) is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on BNB Chain. The decentralized exchange, biswap (BSW), provides services such as swapping BEP-20 contract tokens, liquidity mining and yield farming. The platform is the only decentralized exchange on the BNB network with a 3-tier referral system. The native cryptocurrency of the platform is BSW.



biswap (BSW)

Aiming to be the leader in the token swap market, the exchange also aims to bring innovations to the DeFi field. The platform aims to bring value, fairness and innovation to DeFi through products and services.


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Biswap had received its initial investment from Binance Labs. This support started to bear fruit last week. Its first listing was on Binance. Its price increased 400% in a few days. Other CEX listings came in these few days. Mexc, Bkex,, Bybit,, Tokocrypto, ... Also listed on DEX platforms. PancakeSwap, *OpenOcean, ...

* ittle secret; I followed the OpenOcean platform, which is the DEX platform. There may be positive developments in a few months. It is a project listed by Binance Labs. I will write an article when the time comes ... Stay tuned ...

The prominent advantages of biswap (BSW);

It has a very low transaction fee of 0.1% in the DeFi domain. This transaction fee rate is not available on many DEX.

It offers the opportunity to generate income through the Farms and Launchpools.




It works with high efficiency and speed for users who provide liquidity.




You get BSW tokens as a reward when you create Liquidity on Farms...



In Lanuchpools, you can earn various coins and/or tokens by staking BSW ... You can accumulate GameFi tokens, especially promising ...



biswap (BSW) RoadMap


bsw ecosystem

Biswap Globalization


My Last Words; biswap (BSW) reminds me of PancakeSwap. Initially, CAKE started at $0.5. Afterwards, we saw $44 ATH... biswap (BSW) continues on its path in line with its roadmap with the support it receives from Binance. The only downside for me is that the project team is anonymous. But since Binance Labs has invested, he knows the team well. It's only a matter of time before the team emerges. I experienced this before on the DEX platform CropperFinance(CRP) on the Solana chain. Most of the improvements on the team's roadmap will appear when they are finished. That's what happened at CropperFinance...

biswap (BSW) is progressing on the path drawn by Pancakeswap ... It may soon become a favorite of the BNB Chain ...


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