There are thousands of projects that produce solutions to problems in life in blockchain technology. There are cryptocurrencies that represent these projects and that investors will profit from. After the fundamental analysis you have done in thousands of projects, you have determined the cryptocurrencies you will add to your investment basket.

But a bigger question arose in your mind ... When will I get it ...

In this article we will try to find the answer to this question ...

One of the most important indicators used by technical analysts for an uptrend is moving averages. You can review the logic of the moving average in my previous article...

In this article, I would like to tell you about the intersection of two moving averages and the GOLDEN CROSS formation, which is the harbinger of an uptrend.

The model that crosses the short-term 50-day moving average and the long-term 200-day moving average from the bottom up is called GOLDEN CROSS. This token should occur below the price chart. Thus, both moving averages act as support.

GOLDEN CROSS; During a downtrend, the short-term moving average is below the long-term moving average. The trend changes and the short-term moving average rises above the long-term moving average. An uptrend begins where the short-term moving average stays above the long-term moving average.

Some technical analysts consider GOLDEN CROSS to be a late signal. But they agree when it is an indication of a trend change.

Some technical analysts sometimes think that GOLDEN CROSS gives false signals.

In order to understand the GOLDEN CROSS formations well and to minimize the error, you should examine the daily and 4-hour price charts...

How Does .... ? Let's examine the Price Chart...



GOLDEN CROSS is seen on the 4-hour price chart of ChainLink (LINK). GOLDEN CROSS lasted 4 months. The payout ratio is about X4.



GOLDEN CROSS is seen on the daily price chart of ChainLink (LINK). GOLDEN CROSS lasted 15 months. The win rate is about X10.


As seen in these two price charts; GOLDEN CROSS doesn't give you a buy bottom or sell ATH signal, but it does offer a good win rate... Is it good... ?




On the 4-hour price chart of ChainLink (LINK), we see that it has started to give hints about the formation of GOLDEN CROSS. Here the 50-day moving average is about to cross the 200-day moving average... A short-term GOLDEN CROSS can be seen with this formation also forming a support point for the price.

There is no long-term GOLDEN CROSS formation on the one-day price chart of ChainLink (LINK). If the short-term GOLDEN CROSS formation in the above chart works, it can give a long-term GOLDEN CROSS signal in about a month.


My last words; GOLDEN CROSS model is an important technical indicator used by many investors and analysts. Investors buy according to the formation, and a bull market is formed thanks to these purchases. If you are a medium and long-term investor who does not trade daily, you should follow the moving averages and the tokens they create. Not all cryptocurrencies will rise at the same time in the upcoming bull rally. Don't forget the right signal GOLDEN CROSS to exit the cryptocurrency you are earning and pass the other...


I hope you are familiar with  GOLDEN CROSS. See you on new issues ... I wish you and your family a healthy day ...

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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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