Hodling 11 shitcoins - week 20 - can these coins survive?

Hi once again,

The market is still slowly climbing downwards, at least for the shitcoins that is. This week saw a continuation of the dip, and a hard continuation at that. I can count on two fingers the coins that saw profit this week and that profit is almost laughble.

Don't do this at home, or do, more than likely don't.

Table of current value:

Let's look at the table!


Alright, Dogecoin stayed stable and Green Shiba Inu saw an 8% climb over the week. That's it for the profits, sigh. Worst hit this week was Elontech and sadly Kuma. Memepad and Safemoon saw significant dips with the rest of the portfolio only suffering small ones. Oh yeah, Cashcow is still awful along with Lemond.




Dogelon climbed 5% in the allocation with most tokens remaining fairly similar. Kuma did lose 4% allocation along with Memepad who lost 3%.

Best/worst perfomer


If you got that one airdrop from coinmarketcap for Dogelon Mars, it would've been good for you to hold on to those doggies. This is the coin that has been holding the portfolio up and is almost half of the entire allocation. Also probably best to stay away from Cashcow, it's not doing too hot.



Slow and steady trend downwards, but it seems to be leveling out. I half suspected all the profits to be almost gone but being over 150% in profit is suprising. 



The safer bets, those being DOT, ETH and BTC are the lowest in the profits, but all of them are in profit. Elrond, Solana and Avalanche sees alot bigger returns with all of them being better than the shitcoins pooled together. Most of these are coins that are fairly popular and high in the top 50 list, those are a way safer bet compared to the shitcoins. Hindsight does help here so keep that in mind.

Being down more than 50% from this portfolio's ATH makes me kinda sad. But I never expected to make any profit here so having 150% up from August is a nice suprise. Curios to see how things go here once the market goes flying again as it has been on a slow down trend.

Thank you for reading and remember, don't buy shitcoins, or do. They seem to be better than gambling.

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Journey through cryptocoins

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