Hodling 11 shitcoins - week 17 - Okay, an actual dip

Hodling 11 shitcoins - week 17 - Okay, an actual dip

Hi once again,

Last week might have had a misleading title about the dip, but this week stuff actually started dipping. And by stuff, I mean all of the shitcoins. The market isn't in a bull or a bear, different coins are doing different things which is a bit unusual. Well let's look at what the shitcoins are doing (hint: not good).

Don't do this at home, or do, probably don't.

Table of current value:

Let's look at how the table looks.


Well shit, again.

The worst coins this week are Cashcow (no suprise), Dogelon Mars, Kuma & Memepad. Apart from Cashcow doing its usual thing, all the biggest holding of the portfolio dipped a bit, not cool. Luckily, or well not a very good word to use but with these coins this is the norm, only one other coin dipped over 10%, that being ETCH. The rest of the coins dipped less than 10%. All in all, still up 300% from the orginal purchase price which helps things along quite a bit. 


Cute new allocation wheel :)

I used Coingecko's new allocation chart as it actually looks better than Coinmarketcap's. Dogelon Mars still at the top but Memepad is closing in. This also puts Cashcow and Lemond's horrible performance in perspective.

Best/worst perfomer


Cashcow at the bottom and Dogelon Mars at the top, nothing changed here from last week other than the all time profit dropping.



Chart has been going slowly down for 3 weeks now. It's easy to look at the smaller picture or think about loss of potential winnings, 300% increase on an investment is still really good, altho it is only luck.

This entire project was gonna be meant as a warning to buy into shit, meme or low effort coins as they tend to make people lose money. But if everyone buys these shitcoins then everyone's holdings increase. If you do decide to buy shitcoins because of me, please don't blame me for it.

Thank you for reading and remember, don't buy shitcoins, or do. They seem to be better than gambling.

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