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Hodling 11 shitcoins - week 14 - Dog coins won't stop!

Hi once more,

The market is still going crazy! It's kind of crazy that out of all these coins, only 2 are a loss of investment. Most of this movement is following SHIB still. Retail investors jumped in and bought SHIB instead of Bitcoin and that caused a stir of movement. I don't know how long this will keep up however.

Don't do this at home, or do, I'm not your dad.

Table of current value:

Let's look at how the table looks.


Going from bottom up, loss wise. Cashcow is still a almost complete loss, lemond actually saw some recovery this week. Elontech and Doge are scrapping around 20% profit and not moving much. Cumrocket, Safemoon and Sonar climbed high some weeks back and hvaen't moved too much since then. Memepad and GINUX have tripled or more their profits, hopefully they can follow the last two: KUMA & ELON, these two bad boys spiked hard over the week.



Kuma is falling lower on allocation, not necceasirly from poor performance but that other coins are catching up. ELON currently holds 25%, I actually got some quick money by putting money on ELON on my app last weekend and then selling for around 3x profit. I felt fairly safe doing so having followed ELON's climb for a little while. My Elon in my wallet won't move however.

Best/worst perfomer


KUMA has been now officially taken over the roll as the reigning champ, having stayed longer as #1 than sonar. Cashcow still has a chance to not be the bottom coin, but it hasn't seen any movement at all.



My 1.000$ has turned into 5.700$ over 3 months, well, shorter technically as it spiked a month back. One shouldn't get too comfortble, as there is a new way of new investors they jump on these types of coins that see large movement due to the very small marketcap. With other coins such as Monkey Jizz and Squid game token, it's easy to lose everything over scammers rug pulling funds out of a project.

I guess the new way to make money is through dogs, specifically shibas. Elon's spike this week was largely thanks to its new listing on, so you guys can get yourself some shitty Dogelon Mars easily as well. ELON actually broke into top 100 over the weekend which is mental to see.

Thank you for reading and remember, don't buy shitcoins, or do. They seem to be better than gambling.

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Journey through cryptocoins
Journey through cryptocoins

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