My Favorite PublishOx Authors! + 200 Followers!

My Favorite PublishOx Authors! + 200 Followers!

By johnwege | johnwege | 25 Jun 2020

I have just reached over 200 followers on PublishOx, thank you so much to everyone that has read my posts, liked them, commented on them and also followed.  Since I began posting my own articles, 200 followers was always the initial goal that I had been striving towards and I was able to do it much quicker than I ever imagined possible!  I initially joined PublishOx during the beginning of January, but for the longest time I was only a lurker.  This meant I was only reading articles, tipping and never considering making any posts myself.  That was far too intimidating of a thought for me at the time. 

But selfishly at the end of May I was wanting an increase in tips, so I finally decided to give it a try.  And after 1 full month of posting pretty regularly we have reached this point.  My next goal is 1,000!

But something important I want to talk about is how positive of an experience I have had posting on here.  Let's face it, the internet can be a pretty toxic place, especially recently.  But I have seen overwhelmingly positive and helpful in my comments and also in other poster's articles as well.  I think the community here is pretty great.

I also would like to make this article less about me, and more of about thanking my favorite posters on PublishOx.  There are a lot of people that put a lot of work into their posts that I enjoy a lot, inspire me, and also entertain me as well.  I definitely wouldn't be posting here if it weren't for these people.

So thank you to these posters, your hard work is appreciated!


Scott Cunningham  

Scott Cunningham's Blog

When I think of Scott's posts two things come to my mind; high quality and being a great teacher.  Actually his interests seem to be exactly where mine align as well.  He often makes videos about investing, creating passive income, dividends, blockchain, great interviews, reviews/overviews, and also teaching about blockchain social sites.  Most recently LBRY.  He does usually post videos with a brief written description, but that is definitely okay for me as I am a visual learner. Every time I watch one of his videos I always come away from it learning something new.  Often he goes through every detail you can imagine and you can truly see that he is always interested in the topics he is speaking about, and lives out his own investing tips.

Go check out his articles!


SkinnerCrypto's Blog

In my opinion is probably the most original poster on PublishOx.  He has a great combination of knowledge, crypto passion, and a great personality that always has me smiling as I read his posts.  He often focus researching coins/blockchains and wallets that he previously had no knowledge on and does a deep dive into it.  His research is very thorough, well-written, and as stated above; very entertaining. Not only that, but he was winner of the recent Atomic Wallet giveaway competition.  I think if you look at that article, you will definitely see exactly what I mean.  

Here's a link to that article, be sure to check it out!

Abhi K  

Abhi K's BLOG

Abhi K is a poster that I have been reading more and more of his articles more recently.  He usually sticks mostly to writing news articles.  The thing that really surprises me about Abhi K is just how often he posts.   Often times I see that he has posted 3-5 times a day.  I think it is simply amazing how he is able to pump out so much content on a daily basis.  But the thing that I appreciate the most, is that many people who write news posts will have very little content in their post.  But Abhi K's posts on the other hand are always of high quality.  So be sure to check out some of his posts.  Here is a link to a recent article of his that I enjoyed. 


Zenthereum's BLOG

The next author that I really enjoy is Zenthereum.  Like me, he often writes articles that focus on the larger issues going on throughout the crypto world.  These are the types of articles that I enjoy the most, and I know that these type of articles also require more thought to be put into them as well.  Each article he posts is of the highest quality, well written, and he brings a lot of great ideas/opinions to the table.  Each time I read on of his articles, I always come away with a new viewpoint or opinion. Most recently I enjoyed his article about "What is Grayscale, and why it matters!"  I think many people are still overlooking how big of a game changer Grayscale and other financial institutions are shaping up to be in the bitcoin world.  Here is a link to the article, so be sure to check it out!


Thank you!

There are countless other authors that enjoy, but right now these are the authors that I am always clicking on their article when I see their name under the article, no matter what the topic is about.

So as I stated above, my next goal to reach 1,000 followers, but maybe someday I will be respected enough to be listed on someone else's favorite poster list.  Well I can dream at least!

Thanks for reading!



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