My Crypto Portfolio (November)

My Crypto Portfolio (November)

By johnwege | johnwege | 24 Nov 2020

It has been more than 3 months since I have last done an update on my cryptocurrency portfolio and during that timeframe the crypto markets have been going completely crazy and have changed substantially. When I last did an update in August, DeFi coins had been pumping to new highs with bitcoin moving sideways.  We were dreaming of a possible upcoming bull season.  But now fast-forwarding 3 months to the end of November and that bull market has officially began.  

Bitcoin is approaching new highs having reached nearly $19,000. Ethereum is reaching price-levels not since for over 3 years, at the time of writing nearly $620.  And even the most punished coins over the last 3 years like XRP have gone up over 100% during the last week.  This time around part of my portfolio rankings have remained the same, while other parts have changed as well.  I have done many strategic alterations to my portfolio that I will talk about below, and also some coins rose up the ranks because they have performed so well as of late.

I don't write these articles to boast about my portfolio, but I do it as a way to keep track of my progress, and also to help motivate myself to continue accumulating.  Along the way I hope it helps to motivate a few readers as well to continue building their portfolios as well.

I also really enjoy reading about other people's portfolio as well.  It can be interesting to see what coins other people are passionate about, which one's you share a similar interest, and also learning about some crypto that you had no idea even existed.  It's a great learning opportunity.

So without further delay, here is my portfolio at the current moment.  (always changing)


Coins That Fell Off My Top 10 List since August

1) Trustswap


3) 1UP

These coins have fallen off of my list for a variety of reasons.  For Trustswap, I was an early investor during the summer and Trustswap had risen nearly 15x from my original purchasing price and therefore I decided taking profits and putting those gains into bitcoin.  My story with KAVA is nearly identical as well.  I was an early investor of KAVA at nearly $1.00, and had seen the price go over $5.00 and was more than happy to take profits and put those gains into Ethereum and bitcoin. And finally 1UP.  While the price had gone down quite a bit I felt it was a great time to invest into my own profile on Uptrennd by leveling up my profile and also boosting some of my articles there.  


10. Hive (0.25%)


During the last few months I have begun to explore HIVE more and more.  I will be honest, at first I didn't like using it at all.  It just wasn't as easy to use in my opinion as other options like Publish0x. But I decided to stick with it as I had heard from many people that it is worthwhile, and thankfully during the last few months I have begun to see some traction on the platform.  With my HIVE I have been focusing on powering up my account in hopes to help my account have more gains in the future.

9. Loopring 0.25%


I continue to keep the Loopring that I earn from Publish0x as a rainy day fund. I'm not viewing this as a long term play like I would bitcoin or ethereum, but rather a mid-term play.  Since my last update Loopring has been added to Coinbase and that has helped the coin increase in value as well.  I'm hoping that this will see a nice increase in price during this bull run and then I will either put those profits back into ethereum or bitcoin.


8. Ren 0.5%


Ren is a coin that I like a lot.  A coin that helps to allow Bitcoin to be used in the DeFi ecosystem, what's not to love about that!?  Just like Loopring, I am also viewing this as a mid-term play that I will take profits with when the price reaches my goal targets.  Since my last summer update, Ren has also been added to Coinbase, and has seen a very nice increase in price since then which has helped it to remain on my top 10 list. As DeFi continues to increase in popularity, so too will the popularity of Ren.

7. Cardano 1%


The last few months have been a very busy time for me in regards to Cardano.  In August I had a substantial stake in this blockchain but then sold all of it off for Polkadot, which has turned out well too.  But, after bitcoin had been raising recently and sucking the value out of other altcoins; I felt it was a great chance to jump back into investing in Cardano.  Thankfully it has turned out very well, and in just the last week Cardano has gone up over 60%.  I'm not quite sure what I will do with my Cardano yet.  I'm debating whether to keep some of it forever just in-case it would someday overtake ethereum as a personal insurance policy.  Or taking profits when it reaches my current price targets.  Either way I think it will see very good price increases during this bull market.

6. XRP 1%


Next is XRP; a coin of mine that I had nearly given up on, and admittedly forgotten that I had.  In just the last week the price of XRP has risen 100% and it looks hungry to keep going for more.  In my opinion the true sign that the bull market has arrived is when XRP begins moving.  Personally I'm not a believer in XRP for the long term and therefore will be looking to sell off these coins when it reaches my target.

5. Litecoin 2%


Just like XRP, when Litecoin increases it is a sign that the bull market has arrived.  During the last few months while Litecoin was pretty cheap I had quietly began to dollar cost average into Litecoin, because I know how it performs during the bull market. Just like the coins above I will be looking to convert my litecoin into other coins that I am more passionate about in the future.  

4. Chainlink 2% (4%)


I absolutely love Chainlink and think it has huge potential, especially with the recent popularity of DeFi.  It has a giant use case, and more partnerships than most other coins out there, and I think that these will only continue to grow into the future.  I originally bought into Chainlink at around the $2.00 mark, and have continued to purchase even as the price has continued to rise.  When the price was at it's peak of around $20, LINK was about 7% of my portfolio.  Since the summer DeFi craze chainlink had dropped by more than 50% and it seemed that a lot of the hype around the coin was gone.  But it is quickly recovering and will soon go after new all-time highs again.  Unlike the above coins, Chainlink is a coin that I do believe in and am looking to hold onto it for the long-term.

3. Polkadot 3% (8%)


I'm a huge fan of the recently released Polkadot. I liked it so much that I decided to convert a large portion of my Cardano into Polkadot during the summer.  I bought in at around $2.80 and am so thankful I did, with it hopefully soon going up 3x.  The Polkadot chain has the potential to be the ultimate chain, that can operate/work with any other chain out there.  Also performing smart contracts, having high scalability, speed, and a great 12% staking percentage.  There is so much to be excited for with this project.  Just like Cardano, Polkadot is a great insurance policy for ETH holders, if for some reason ETH would fail, there is a high chance that Polkadot would be the coin to take that spot.  I don't necessarily believe that Ethereum will fail, but the great thing about Polkadot is that it doesn't have to beat Ethereum.  It has the ability to work with it as well.

2. Ethereum  24% (20%)


Next is Ethereum, one of the most exciting and fastest evolving ecosystems there is. During the last week we have finally began to see Ethereum price explode and it appears that it is going after the $1,000 level as its next target.  Also with ETH 2.0 Phase 0 now officially coming soon it will be very exciting to see what happens with the price.  I definitely will be holding onto my Ethereum for the long-term and see the price of ethereum eventually going over $10,000.  People looking at the price today may feel that they are getting into ethereum too late, but it is just the beginning.


1.  Bitcoin   66%  (60%)


And of course bitcoin is #1 in my portfolio.  It is the king, and original blockchain cryptocurrency.  In the current crypto market, if bitcoin were to fail, I believe all of crypto would fail.  So investing in crypto is like investing in the future of the crypto market as a whole.  Since August the price of Bitcoin has soared to nearly new all-time highs at $19,000.  Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that I most believe in and because of that it is also represents the largest percentage of my portfolio.  While I believe ethereum has the potential to reach over $10,000.  I believe bitcoin will go to heights that will make any person holding a single bitcoin rich.

So this was an overview of my portfolio at the current moment.  I also enjoy reading other people talk about their portfolio, because I find it very interesting to compare theirs, to mine.  Also it is a great chance to learn about other coins that have to potential to give you great profits.

So what does your portfolio look like?

As always, thank you for reading!


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