My Crypto Earnings (January)

By johnwege | johnwege | 31 Jan 2023

It's hard to believe, but the month of January has already come to an end.  This means that it's my favorite time of the month again. The time when I calculate all of my earnings from my crypto-related endeavors. If you are new, this is part of an ongoing monthly series that I write where I chronicle my journey toward hopefully becoming financially independent.  There are two purposes I have when I write these articles. The first is that it helps to track my own progress and keeps me motivated.  The other is that I hope it will help motivate other people that read this article to begin their own journey toward reaching financial independence as well.  After all, if I can do it. Anyone can. 

January was a rollercoaster type of month that had many highs and lows.  The most notable thing is that the cryptocurrency market finally began to recover.  While I'm always happy to see the value of my portfolio increase. I'm also hopeful that this will bring more positivity and excitement back to the crypto market, which will help to boost blogging numbers.   

During this month the methods I used to earn crypto were basically unchanged.  My biggest source of income was my crypto writing on websites such as Publish0x, Medium, Hive, and Substack.  However, due to crypto prices increasing, my stacking performance began to improve slightly as well. I have put a lot of effort into writing daily for Medium, in order to build up that income stream.  This has forced me to take time away from future endeavors of mine, such as the book I'm writing.  I'm still working on it, but it is currently on the back burner, especially as I am also preparing to move to a different country soon. 

My short-term goal is to be earning $2,000 per month with my various crypto endeavors. While I am still quite far off from that goal, I absolutely think I could achieve it by the end of the year. Without any further delay, let's look at my performance during January 2023.


Cryptocurrency Blogging




As always, Publish remained my most consistent earner.  Aside from a few bad eggs, it has in my opinion one of the best communities in crypto with real interactions and where people are friendly, not toxic, and excited to learn and share.  With crypto prices still being on the low side, I have gradually been increasing the number of articles that I'm writing each week in hopes of accumulating more once prices recover. 


As of writing this article, I have now reached 7,176 followers on Publish0x.  Thank you all for your support and for reading my articles.  I'm gradually inching closer to my next goal of reaching 8,000 followers.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my articles and follow my blog.

Publish0x Total = $62.91


Hive / LeoFinance

My earnings on HIVE took a small dip during January.  After a few years of writing on Hive, there is one thing that I have learned without a doubt.  This is that I can never predict which articles will be a hit, and which ones will go completely unnoticed. 

Hive = $34.14 LeoFinance  =  $3.65

Combined Total = $37.79



After a few years of working on my Substack blog, I have finally begun to receive some paid followers. This has motivated me to give Substack another go and try to build it up further.  I'm considering ways to add extra value there.  If you're a fan of my work, becoming a paid member here would be the best way to support me.  If you have any ideas of exclusive content you would like to see there, please let me know.

Substack Total = $30




My earnings on Medium dipped slightly in January compared to December, but I was actually excited about this.  In November and December of last year, I had a few articles that really took off in popularity that made up a majority of my earnings.  Which made me concerned if I was just lucky and if these earnings would be consistent in the future. However during January, none of my articles completely outperformed the rest, and all performed pretty equally.  This means that I was actually still seeing solid growth on this platform and maybe my earning ability on Medium will be consistent for me.  Overall earnings were down, but growth and my confidence in the platform went up.


Medium Total = $525



Freelance Writing

Unfortunately, there were no freelance writing opportunities this month.  Fewer crypto companies are wanting to extend expenses during the coldest points in the bear market.  I expect more opportunities will come my way once the market begins to recover.

Freelance Writing Total = $0


Cryptocurrency Blogging Total = $655.70


Crypto Staking



0.0236535 ETH = $38.79

I continue to stake a portion of my Ethereum on Kraken to earn a weekly interest rate.  Since the ETH merge, the interest I have been earning has slightly increased. My ETH is currently locked into the protocol until a future ETH protocol upgrade is released.  I have had no complaints about using Kraken to stake ETH.  With that said, they do charge 15%.  This means that when my ETH is finally unlocked, I will be shopping around for better options.

Kraken Total = $38.79


Internet Computer (ICP) 

I continue to stake ICP on the network's NNS app.  Staking here is a little different compared to most staking.  Dfinity calls ICP a "proof of useful work" chain, which pays you interest by staking your coins and using the governance power to vote on blockchain-related issues.  If you don't vote or delegate your votes, you won't earn anything.  It's very easy to delegate, but I like to vote by myself because I find the process fun.

ICP Total Earned = 2.52 ICP = $15.42


Crypto Lending & Staking Total = $54.21



Coinbase Earn

 KAVA = $3


Coinbase Earn Total = $3




My SWEAT token airdrop continued to be gradually unlocked which I promptly sold off for more BTC.  While it is free money and I can't complain, I am still disappointed with how quickly this coin has dropped in value.

SWEAT - $4 (unlocked) 


Airdrops Total = $4



Miscellaneous Total = $7


Total January Earnings = $716.91


Overall, I'm very satisfied with how January turned out.  Especially with the results I had at Medium and Substack. I'm interested in how much I can grow on Medium and Substack in the future. As prices are beginning to increase, it appears that we have approached the end of the bear market. This means that it is even more important to be doing everything you possibly can to grow your portfolios before the next bull cycle begins.

How about you? What have you been doing to earn crypto income?

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