Worthy is my writing

By Johana Alejandro | Johana Alejandro | 20 Feb 2022

I like this a whole lot.
Maybe if I expand my vocabulary it wouldn't be for not.
Me and myself all but forgot.
I fight a new battle every day.
For what?
To fall again and again right on my butt.

Am I worthy?
Let's see.
None will find a more loyal friend than me.
I would go to war for all your beliefs.
When the rain and storm's come,
I'd shield you when you sleep.
I'll hold all your secret's.
Thill death they are mine to keep.
In my presence, love you will always receive.

My word is bond,
My heart is true.
Even if sometimes I appear to be blue.
Through my writing I am a worthy friend to you.

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Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

I'm New to crypto and still learning

Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

Moth BallsCan't sleep so I might as well sweep. Through these hall's of moth balls. Filled with visiting rooms that have no cause. I often wonder. Why am I here? What's the point? Please make it clear. I call for you but I don't know if you are near? I don't want any more space. I just want my fingers with yours interlaced. Sometimes I think gravity is fake. When I think of you my mind turn's in to a lake or should I say a sea. Where there's birds and passing breeze.

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