By Johana Alejandro | Johana Alejandro | 20 Feb 2022

I'm a coward?
So let me hide in my shell.
Why put me out there where Im always besides myself?

In my world of pain and lost hope.
Sliding down that slippery slope.
C'mon you know I only let out the monster when it's poked.
Just like an animal poached.
Treated like a criminal.
More or less a joke.

So, just let me sit here and smoke.
Why must I always be sober?
Only drinking juice or soda.
Not even sure if this year I became older.
Because I still think I may end up in a ditch.
For writing something swing and miss.

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Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

I'm New to crypto and still learning

Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

Moth BallsCan't sleep so I might as well sweep. Through these hall's of moth balls. Filled with visiting rooms that have no cause. I often wonder. Why am I here? What's the point? Please make it clear. I call for you but I don't know if you are near? I don't want any more space. I just want my fingers with yours interlaced. Sometimes I think gravity is fake. When I think of you my mind turn's in to a lake or should I say a sea. Where there's birds and passing breeze.

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