Dogecoin stopping at 69 has created another max meme power moment . News channels are reporting "hitting 69 cents"

By Joe rogan | joerogan | 5 May 2021

I've seen this price prediction back on 4/20,  yeah I said it was going to 69 cents back then but it didn't, if you look and how fast  doge has been going the past day. Show's it could of happened back on 4/20 but I guess the perfect settings were  NOT set. 

In my previous post

I did not mention anything about SNL appearance so that's the main catalyst to thing current trend.

Retracement to 69 cents will be happening all week until Saturday in which no human can predict what is going to happen in that time, does crypto sell off just before or the volatility stays nominal in which sets up doge to blast off to dollar land. 

Does elon have something to utilities doge coin? I think that's where it's going to  it's whole use case. If elon drops the bomb on SNL and says I bought X amount of doge then we know he's going to distribute some doge to tesla owners as a party gift imo. 

These are just guessing of the SNL appearance that I've thought of or heard others talk about.

Musk will most like talk about this regarding doge:

The moon (literally) putting a dogecoin flag on the moon.

adopting doge to the poorest counties on earth as a universal currency 

he owns some I guess well over 1 million doge possibly 10-100m I'd guess when he bought some at 0.002

bonus guess he mentions 69 cents  and 50cent 


what SNL will do for doge scene ( THIS WILL HAPPEN), 

(we can only guess what the scene will be)


They will have doge dogs 


Fake mark cuban at his mavericks stadium green screen with elon and miley interacting in it.


He will discuss the history of dogecoin, and saying that this whole growth show's the global power of how something goes from a few billion to 50-100 billion, he may even say dogecoin is not a scam/pump and dump he will explain it best why were not going to lose those massive milestones gains for the short term at least. 


In my opinion sell  wall will be a little at a dollar  or close to it and wait a day/ weeks to reevaluate the market. Realized gains should be occurring at $1 for the average person who held from less then a penny.  it could easily go to $2 in the next few months.

what ever I sell I'll be buying IVR and Nymt stock the dividends are insanely high.

honestly 69cents would be a lovely break for doge, 75-83 cent peak drops to 69 cents and hovers.






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Joe rogan
Joe rogan

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