Doge day The day we've all been waiting for. .69 PRICE TARGET

By Joe rogan | joerogan | 20 Apr 2021

Welcome fellow Doge holders, We are upon a great moment of meme power. The time has come, We've pumped doge to 50 Billion were bigger then most companies on earth.



viral twitter time + 420 + elon musk + meme people + media attention X  Doge = MOON shot

In my opinion...


notable things to keep your mind on. Doge coin seems to be stuck at 50 billion I do not see 100Billion in the forseeable future. 

69 Billion  market cap seems like the perfect place for doge for a while.

Do not think doge is reaching a $1 tomorrow, it would have to raise 50 billion , It's possible but extremely unlikely to go pass 69 cents.

Doge will be hovering around binances marketcap in which I cant predict what could happen. I do not think a dump more then 20% can happen by its self unless bitcoin dumps beyond it's safety net before bot traders sell off.

not financial advice but hey it's doge it's not like a year ago someone could say do this and that with doge you probably would laugh at them.


honestly 69cents would be a lovely break for doge, 75-83 cent peak drops to 69 cents and hovers.





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Joe rogan
Joe rogan

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The short long point of view.

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