Understanding the PascalCoin Address: Obtaining process and FAQs
Understanding the PascalCoin Address: Obtaining process and FAQs

By Dzoelx | Joelagbo | 10 Jun 2019

The Pascal blockchain is markedly different from every other blockchain projects out there, this difference can be seen in almost every aspect, from account creation to transfer of funds, hence many are unfamiliar with ‘How it actually works’, this is evidenced in many questions asked as regards these processes notably about the PascalCoin wallet address (PASA). This array of questions includes:
• How do I get a PASA?

• Why is the PASA sold?

• Why do I need a public key to obtain a PASA?

• The PASA is originally owned by a miner; does he/she retain any form of cryptographic control over this asset after the transfer of ownership?

Sometimes these questions comes simply and summarized as; How does the PASA work?
On most other blockchains, getting a wallet address is as plain as installing a wallet from the app store, in contrast, the Pascal blockchain continues its originality with an advanced address obtaining process.
Here we attempt to answer the most popular questions about the PASA, feel free to ask more questions in the comments section and we will surely provide answers to these questions.

How do I get a PASA

For anyone who is completely new to PascalCoin project, this question is unarguably one of the first stream of questions.
However; to obtain a PASA, you’ll need a Public key; the public key can be found on your new wallet, instructions on how to locate the public key on the new Android wallet can be found Here

With your public key, you can either visit https://freepasa.org or purchase a PASA from a seller, this leads to the next question…

Why is the PASA sold

Just like the PascalCoin, the PASA is also earned from mining (5PASA block reward). The miner hence has the ownership right to the PASA (until he decides to sell or give it out).

Note that the purchase of PASA is not compulsory and free PASA can be obtained at https://freepasa.org

Purchase of PASA is a case of personal decision, probably due to situations such as the PASA being easily memorable or other personal factors, in the absence of these, PASA can be obtained at the free distribution site for zero fees, the only requirements being your public key and your mobile phone number.

Why do I need a public key to obtain a PASA?

When you download a PascalCoin wallet application and create a private key profile, the private key is associated with a public key; while your private key is unique and only known to you (unless you decide to share it with others), the public key is also unique but sharing it with others doesn’t pose any negative security implication. your public key can be freely shared with others

When a miner is rewarded with a PASA; he owns the public key to the PASA, the public key can be readily changed at anytime without knowing the new owner’s private key, however only the use with the new private key has control over this account after the exchange.

Think of this process as obtaining a bank account, to obtain a bank account number, the client fills his public details in the account creation form, this enables the bank to assign a unique account number to the client, the client has full ownership rights to this new account. However, in contrast to the bank account, the PASA is completely decentralized and is not under the influence of any third party or the original owner

The PASA is originally owned by a miner; does he/she still retain any form of cryptographic control over this asset after transfer of ownership?

Just as previously explained; after the exchange of public keys; the new owner (with the private key) obtains full rights over the PASA, the public key and private key held by the previous owner becomes invalid as regards the sold PASA. The new owner can now use the PASA for transactions on the Pascal blockchain and can also sell-on this account or give it out when he/she wishes using the same procedure.
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