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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 27 Jul 2019



It’s been an amazing couple of weeks! Probably you said before we did, with much activities going on through the past weeks, we continue our strive towards building a blockchain of possibilities, improving on already established services and working towards developing more and better concepts. Our developers continues on their relentless efforts towards delivering all proposals.

Flashback to our previous update, the V5 protocol implementation continues and many amazing developments you’d love to learn about.
Here are the notable activities over the past two weeks…

BLAISE goes live!


Unarguably the peak of the week! We promised you, we delivered, we are glad to announce to announce the beta/testing stage of our long awaited mobile wallet—BLAISE, in case you missed the official announcement, you can read more about it Here, you can find the download links and other details about the amazing BLAISE wallet.

With the apps still in testing stage, it’s is subject to upgrades and more amazing features are yet to be added. Your feedback will be vital to further improvements to the wallets, hence we will be glad to know your experience with the wallets, drop by our discord and telegram channels and share your experience with us. You can also ping us on twitter or facebook, every input will be well appreciated and helpful!

Implementation of PIP–0033 (Data operation RPC)

Despite the implementation of the DATA operation in the v4, the node misses JSON-RPC methods to create and properly search for them.
PIP–0033 hopes to describe the missing methods that needs to be implemented to use the DATA operation feature at its full potential.

The JSON-RPC API implements methods to create and sign DATA operations and also find DATA operations based on its unique properties. The PIP–0033 will support splitting large payloads into multiple DATA operations while the GUID of a DATA operation could and the data sequence will be managed by the requested node.

PascalCoin version 4.1 release

Some updates to the current version 4 as we work towards the version 5 release.
The V4.1 allows:
Hardcoded RandomHash digest/hash values for quick speed safebox check on fresh installation.

GUI wallets load “HardcodedRH_75800.randomhash” file and preload a RandomHash digest/hash values for quick first time synchronization.

It also;
Fixes the bug caused by CT_Net0p_getsafebox too quickly on old versions.

Improved memory management on Netprotection.

Added a delay of at least one second per call when peer node is protocol version lower than version 9.

Due to this update, a temporary disruption in the functioning of the Mac OS wallet may be experienced, this will be fixed, keep checking the wallets

Administrative developments

Following recent reshuffling of positions in the foundation, certain changes have been made as regards the managerial positions in the foundation, however a separate official statement about this will be made soon, stay tuned…

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