STATE OF THE PROJECT: PascalCoin project monthly update.

By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 1 Jul 2019


It’s been quite an amazing month for the PascalCoin team and the cryptocurrency community as a whole. For the PascalCoin team, it’s been one goal after the other as the team continues on it quest to BUILD a perfect blockchain technology and a community driven cryptocurrency. With the team making tremendous progress over the past couple of weeks, here is an update to keep you in touch with the major happenings…

V5 Protocol implementation continues! 

The V5 protocol comes in handy with many exciting features to be added to the already amazing PascalCoin blockchain.
As described currently on file on github, V5 will implement:

PIP-0029 - Account Seals: The account seal technology enables you to cryptographically secure and trace your blockchain transactions, this allows you to retrieve and verify transactions over the past 100 blocks. The account seal technology verifies transactions stored in the safebox. This feature have been successfully implemented by Herman Schoenfeld, further details can be found here

PIP-0030 - SafeboxRoot - Light nodes

RandomHash hardcoded table for quick syncrhonization on GUI wallets

PIP-0033 - DATA and GUID in RPC calls; will also be added to the V5 protocol.

Implementation of the Atomic swap[PIP-0032]


We are also glad to announce the successful implementation of the cross chain Atomic swap feature on the PascalCoin blockchain, the atomic swap technology allows for decentralized, time-bound exchange and will enable the listing of PascalCoin on decentralized exchanges. More information can be found here

Development of new wallets 
Over the past few months, We announced the plans to develop new wallets for every operating system, just as we promised, these wallets will come in handy with better user experience and ease of use, also a web wallet to enable flexible transactions over the PascalCoin blockchain, huge progress are being made as regards this, the link below contains a preview of wallets in development! Cheers!

A New medium channel: Probably you’re reading this update from a medium page which is different from the previous one, Yes, you’re still reading from our Official page, former medium account remains valid, however the new medium page will be more functional and a new role will be announced for the previous page, stay glued for updates and other articles about PascalCoin!

Rebranding proposal

Talks of re-branding have been on the cards for a while now and the debate continues, the re-branding proposal aims to give the project a new and possibly better outlook and includes changes in the current name (PascalCoin), the proposal also includes a change in the governance system. This is a community decision and everyone is invited to participate in the discussion (on our discord channel).

Relocation of the project headquarters: We are also glad to announce the successful relocation of the project’s headquarters from Australia to Hong Kong, all paperwork and procedures have been completed, other staff and project information remains valid.

We are hiring!
We are calling on interested developer who wish to build on the PascalCoin blockchain to join us on our Discord channel and share your ideas and proposal. Web designers are also welcome to join!

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