State of the project: PascalCoin monthly newsletter.

State of the project: PascalCoin monthly newsletter.

By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 1 Aug 2019



It’s been a pretty busy month for the PascalCoin team, lots of developments over the past weeks and we try as much as possible to keep the community updated on emerging issues and recent developments, with our First and Second bi-weekly updates for the month of July, find out how well we’ve spent the 31 days of July!.

New month, new opportunities, we bring you a round-up of the activities in July and the most recent developments since the release of the last update.

Governance and community management

PascalCoin is a purely community driven project, hence every major decision is taken through community action and executed as decided by the community. Thus the need for organized voting systems to allow the community make informed and positive decisions.

The DAO team hence have been working tirelessly to develop a reliable voting system, here’s an amazing proposal on the PIP voting system. On implementation, this can become a revolutionary game changer and breakthrough for PascalCoin blockchain usecases with one vote per person or secure online voting for shares held.

Mobile wallet testing and development continues

With the initial release and announcement of the beta versions of the amazing BLAISE wallet for Android and iOS, testing and development of the wallets have continued with the development team adding more features and tackling reported bugs, with more feedback, BLAISE keeps getting better and even more amazing, hence we will appreciate more feedback for current users, the announcement post contains download links to the test stage of the wallets, kindly download, use and share your experience with us. We will be available to listen to your feedback, kindly use any of our outlets, or ping us on twitter!

Upgrade of Version4

While we work towards the implementation of the Version5, we also continue to update and upgrade the current version 4 to include more amazing features and take care of lapses which may be found in this version, as regards this, we are glad to announce the release of the PascalCoin version 4.1, the version 4.1 consists of upgrade which takes care of many bugs found in version 4.

V5 protocol implementation continues

With the new wallets out and undergoing the much needed testing stage, we continue to deliver the proposed components of the much awaited V5, recent weeks have seen the implementation of the improvements plans of the Version5, this includes the atomic swap, Account seal technology, the DATA operation amongst others. A relatively fast speed of developments as we strive towards developing a blockchain which serves its users to their taste.

More information to follow!

Happy new month from all of us at PascalCoin!

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